Process question- Helix Syn Trident

I’ve had about nine months with my unit, and while I have definitely improved my orgasm both with and without it in, I haven’t had the mind-blowing multiples that some people descibe. I am thinking it is my process.

I make sure to time this when I haven’t eaten for a bit and have had a good solid bowel movement.

I start off by watching some porn or paging through some NSFW reddits. I focus on content that features a man experiencing what I am about to experience, except at the hands of a woman. I will usually stroke myself with coconut oil as lubricant, but try to focus more on touching my nipples and perineum. The stroking is mostly just to maintain an erection and arousal. Should I be attempting to maintain an erection throughout?

After about ten minutes of that, I will start preparing myself for insertion. On goes the coconut oil and in it goes. I insert the device all the way, until the red tab makes contact with my perineum and the white my tailbone. I have tried inserting a shorter distance, but there has not been as much sensation- am I doing this wrong? I will usually lay on the bed, sometimes on my back and other times on my stomach, focusing on moving my pelvic floor. The sensation is nice, but not as intense as when I can hit my spot with my thumb.

I will usually keep it in for about 20 minutes, stroking and flexing. I finish myself off with my hand, and then go shower. I have thought about leaving it in after I finish.

Any tips on how to improve? I have considered an njoy wand, but like the idea of a passive toy better.



  1. It shouldn’t really have anything to do with your penis. You should just try to forget you even have one while you’re concentrating on your prostate. Don’t worry about an erection, you might or might not get hard during prostate play, everybody is different. I get three or four erections throughout a session but never touch it. The more you play with your penis the more focus is taken off your prostate.

    Sometimes I’ll finish up a session with jerking normally. I notice that the prostate that was buzzing and orgasming a few minutes beforehand, will go pretty much non existent.

    Just try a session where you put in the toy, and lie there and do nothing for as long as possible. That’s where the orgasms from the videos come from. Builds from a tiny feeling. Your cock is holding you back.

  2. This is exactly what I went through… I felt I needed something bigger, but I have a tight butt and anything too large would hurt and tore me up… so I looked at all the different massagers and went with the Maximus (1.1” dia)… it finally came, lots of lube, got it in, and achieved my first PO and have never looked back! My Helix Syn was very good to help me learn how to move it around, but was just too small… Love the fullness of the Maxi and felt the Progasm was too big for me… now PO’s are achieved (along with nipple play – very important) almost every session… Hint: I coat the white Maxi with my fav Cocoa butter infused Vaseline and put a coating of 500mg CBD oil on it, insert… my colon almost totally relaxes and my prostate enlarges and fills almost immediately… 5 mins later, I am in PO heaven… it all works for me… good luck

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