Trouble getting over the curve

I’ve been using a Helix Syn for a few weeks now, maybe 8-10 “sessions” and while I’ve felt some good and never-before-felt sensations, I’d like some feedback as to whether or not I’m approaching it correctly.

My last go with it seemed the most productive. I got myself pretty horny for a couple hours before insertion, with no sick touching. Then took a hot shower, laid in bed, did some meditative breathing, lubed up and inserted the Aneros. Tried to let it just rest for a period of time before contracting. After maybe 15 mins of listening to some chill EDM and breathing exercises I started doing some waves of PC contractions.

I started pumping out a lot of precum, but didn’t feel any sense of needing to urinate or any real pleasure sensations.

After maybe 10 minutes of contractions and using my pelvic floor muscles to literally “pull” the Aneros deeper into my asshole, I started to feel some nice warmth in my pelvic region and felt the muscles in my hips, abs, and legs starting to quiver. I could also feel my dick “jumping” and the Aneros felt like it was being pulled in and out by my asshole.

Then something new happened; my heart started beating like crazy, my breathing quickened, my eyes were closed and it literally felt like I was floating and spinning and things felt mildly good, but no where near what a normal cumming orgasm feels like. I didn’t cum or experience what I believe was an orgasm, only my usual pool of precum.

I tried to give in and let it keep going, but sadly it died off and I wasn’t able to recapture it.

My question is: where do I go from here, am I on the right track? Any ideas what that sensation I experienced would be considered, maybe a mini-o? I’m assuming it’s just a “benchmark” on the road to the Super-O and I should keep going, since as far as I understand there is a training process to work up to the super-o, dry orgasms, and multiple orgasms.

Any help, suggestions, tips are appreciated!



  1. felt like I was floating and spinning and things felt mildly good

    This is very much the right track and feeling. You let this feeling grow and the floating feeling increases… next thing you know you have been floating in pure bliss for an hour… you won’t get a wow orgasmic feeling like a typical orgasim… its a slow build and lasts ages… your entire body just feels like bliss.

    During some sessions you are not sure what is happening… then after you are like wow I just floated for 90 mins that was insane.

    (Also thc makes it x20 more pleasurable, as you have no desire to rush the feelings as they are already so strong from the start)

  2. The feelings you described are where it starts to get fun… Half of it is training your brain to accept this new form of pleasure as how you want to orgasm from now on…

    Things that helped me:

    Don’t touch your dick.

    THC at first but it came to a point where that was too distracting and blocking what I was trying to accomplish.

    Experiment trying to find a lube that gives the toy the freedom to move inside you. Better to have too much than too little.

    Boy butter hybrid lube from their website really helps me. I tried the whole coconut oil thing but I seem to absorb it too fast… Astroglide X silicone lube, the gel form not the liquid, is useful as well although not as often as the boy butter. I use the plastic toys so watch using that on silicone Syn versions.

    Really good porn, something you are really into or have a fetish for… Basically, whatever gets your engine going. It probably helps that I have a very active imagination. I tried the hypno audio stuff people swear by but I guess since I am gay, (and I couldn’t find much for gay guys that wasn’t campy af) I just couldn’t get into it.

    Keep a daily log, I use an app on my phone, because once you start orgasming for hours you can’t remember everything that happened to you, it is so intense.

    Don’t touch your dick.

    Be aware that you can reach a point where it becomes very difficult to resist going to your bed and sticking it in… For example, I can lay on my back and as long as I’m turned on I can dry cum for hours. It will hit me, take a breath, hit me again and it is literally heaven on earth. Once you have your brain on board, there is no stopping your progress.

    Results may vary. Everyone is different. Warning: Extremely Addicting in advanced stages…

    Don’t touch your dick. Sensing a pattern here?

    These are just the cliff notes, private message me if you want to ask anything. I am happy to share the knowledge I have gained out of this activity.

  3. There is no “edge” when it comes to prostate orgasms. There is NO “cliff” to fall over. The prostate orgasm is multi level, not forcibly induced, and not a “quick” “nut”. This journey requires DEEP relaxation, and an understanding of the process you are trying to learn.

    There is no “quick journey” to this experience. PPP™ Practice – Persistence – Perseverance ™

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