Best weed for p-play?

I’m finally in a place where weed is legal and there’s so many choices.

I’ve used edibles and vaped before – no idea what strain or strength, but it definitely helped me get into the zone.

What should a buyer be looking for to get the best weed-enabled prostate sessions?



  1. Edibles are the best imo. I use hybrid or indica stains. Sometimes I use one that is 2:1 THC to CBD, but that one makes me sleepy so I have to be careful (I listen to erotic hypnosis so going into trance can make me fall asleep.)

  2. Normally I do a hybrid edible. Not too strong of one, you just need to be relaxed. I found if I’m bussing too much then I can’t focus on the pleasure.

  3. I really enjoy hybrid strains. They have the perfect amount to relax you and the perfect amount to keep you “there”, if you know what I mean

  4. Thanks for all the responses! I’ve got quite the selection to try now. Really appreciate it. 🙂

  5. How easy is it to get edibles in the UK?

    I’ve heard many times on this sub that edibles can greatly enhance sessions, so am curious to try 🙂

  6. You don’t have to do much the next day I recommend edibles and using a hybrid. If you have stuff to do the next day I would recommend smoke or drink type

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