Abstinence Struggle

I’m just over here as a super horny young 20-something, struggling to keep from masturbating for more than two days in a row.

I feel like I’m close to some real success, I’ve been going for almost a year and I’m at the point where I feel all floaty and warm and after a while I get a surge of warmth and a feeling almost like I’m high.

Mostly making this post to help motivate myself to be abstinent for a bit longer, which I feel like is a big part of getting success out of the aneros.

Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/aneros/comments/rl4f3t/abstinence_struggle/


  1. The only way I managed was that any time I got horny, I played with my prostate. Not just with Aneros but other toys also. I managed through the month of November doing this, I ended up having some absolutely amazing prostate sessions and some HFWOs also.

  2. You’re too young not to rub one or two of them a day… use the aneros inserted and rub away… eventually you will be able to use some control… and continue your Journey to PO land…I remember when I was in my young twenties and I’d rub a couple out before I’d head off to class..

  3. Try erotic hypnosis and try have HFO…. very similar feelings to the aneros sessions and just as addictive.

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