P-waves and sensations when not using aneros?

Hi guys,

Little background – I’ve been dabbling in prostate specific play the last 12 months or so. I’m gay, so anal play wasn’t something I was unfamiliar with, but rewiring and focus on the prostate was. Last January I ordered the njoy wand and really enjoyed it, reaching pgasm manually without much trouble.

Probably 2 months ago got my first aneros (heilix-syn). I always smoke a little before my sessions. At first I was sort of let down by the aneros… or at least thought I was… until I involved nipple play (I now have suckers and clamps) and it pushed me right over the edge. The sensations I got were unlike anything I’ve ever felt, and even if im playing with my nips sans aneros I still feel p-waves.

Now I’m home for the holidays and didn’t bring any of my toys. But I’ve been noticing that I get some surprisingly strong p waves just brushing my nipples or doing kegels. I laid in bed last night and felt myself spasm and shake just from these two simple actions (I also haven’t cum since the 24th).

Is this a common experience and does anyone have some suggestions on where to read up on this phenomenon? I feel like it isn’t a placebo effect, but could it be? Regardless, I’m certainly enjoying the ride, but would love to have a better understanding of my rewiring. Personal experiences and resources appreciated!

Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/aneros/comments/rqjt5c/pwaves_and_sensations_when_not_using_aneros/


  1. I have very strong spasms and involuntaries leading to what feels like a build up to pgasm. This happens when I’m horny and can’t play. Strong enough that if I’m asleep it wakes me up. Since my playtimes have gotten more intense, I’ve noticed a definite increase in my nipple sensitivity. (I’ve always liked nipple play) They get hard when I get horny, and pulse and ache when I’m close to and having a prostate orgasm. It’s pretty amazing. I bought the Helix Syn like two years ago and it is still one of my favorite toys.

  2. Search Aless (it’s possible to have super O without aneros in it you keep working at it)

    I got to a point where I could orgasim every night without the aneros in….

    I eventually rewired myself back to normal to stop it… as I no longer wanted to sleep when I could just have hours or pleasure.

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