Should I get another one?

New owner here. Bought the Progasm Ice because I wanted a full feeling. I have no issues with the size, but I feel like my prostate is way lower than where the Progasm “points” at. I’ve used it now for like 3-5 times and I only feel like I’m hitting my prostate when I don’t insert the toy fully in and then push it towards my stomach. I did this today and a bit of fluid came out of my penis. Should I buy another aneros or still give the Progasm a chance. Maybe I’m using it wrong?



  1. I have a few (5) and each feel very differently when just relaxing and I get different sensations when doing different things with different models. I’d say buy another and see what you think. I would say that the Progasm Ice as my first purchase and I don’t even use that one anymore, all of the others are better… size isn’t always important. I’m a year in to my Aneros quest and have yet to have any hands free joy but the journey has provided me with mind blowing o’s on a very consistent basis. I can play for a while and feel very little and then later on with my wife I just melt in to some mad monster of an o machine. The Helix trident is my favourite.

  2. If you really think it’s much lower, which I also believe, you can try the Njoy Pure Wand, some rimming but plugs (I like b-vibe) or the Lovense Osci 2 to hone in on that spot.

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