Aneros session amplified w D8 and poppers and other quibbles

Based on my ride today, pretty clear that D8 and poppers always get me to p-waves and p-orgasms. No supper O yet. Today I didn’t take any D8 and just used poppers. Tried a variety of aneros models – Maximus and then eupho. I started at 11 am today and ended at 3. Needless to say I over did it on poppers. Couldn’t help it as each huff I was looking for a new high and sensation. Now, blue lips and a pounding headache! My next will be to try just D8 and no poppers. Ultimately I need to get rid of one of them.

Now the quibble, I bought a new wevibe vector. Started w that this morning. I was hoping to get a super o or at least a p-gasm. But nothing. I found that the vibrations disrupt what I would feel if I was just riding/do nothing. I’ve tried the various vibration modes but finally gave up and used the Maximus. I’ve read so many great reviews on this vine and pretty disappointed. Anyone else experience this?



  1. I can’t speak to the specific toy you’re talking about but I’ve understood from posts made over time that vibrating tools can be a hindrance to prostate stimulation. The problem is vibrators are simply too powerful a tool for achieving super-o; it’s like using a sledgehammer to crack a walnut. Super-o requires gentle simulation.

    I’m sure a vibrator will help stimulate for better penile orgasms but for super-o it’s the wrong tool for the job.

  2. I’ve tried a couple vibrating toys and so far the only one that hasn’t made everything numb was the new Helix Syn v. If you’re really curious about vibes try holding a vibe against your preferred aneros while it’s inserted. It’s not as good as the V but can be nice and dampened enough so as to not numb everything… or at least you can control it better.

  3. I have a wevibe vector… I get nothing from it… vibrators are nice addition for penile orgasms, but do nothing for PO’s.. but that’s been the general consensus on this Reddit anyway…. Wasted too much $$ on vibrators in chasing the Super O when my Maximus does it all…

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