Newbie – 4th session P waves

Hi thanks guys for a very informative group.Just got my Helix Syn V. First impression was “is this going to fit okay”. Not a problem. First two sessions short then a long 3 hour session after mindgasm lesson still just a few tiny good feelings. Then tonight went thru the motions and after a while decided to do it in the doggy position got into a rythm of 30 slow thrusts and a 30 second hold and release. Felt like bubbles forming in my anus and then a great feeling and its subsides. Same routine same result Happened about 14 times, had vibrate on low setting. During session had plenty of legs and hands shaking uncontrollably and after the session (Is this a good sign ?). As soon as I thought about my swimsuit fetish the perineum tab woke up and gave me a tingling feeling starting another wave .Any idea if this is a good indicator and any tips on going beyond the good feelings .Pc muscles are still very weak but excercising 3 x a day. both muscles. With good feelings and waves do i just relax or should I thrust and hold to retain the good vibes.

Have been prescribed viagra but have not used it yet will be keen to see if it enhances my journey.

Your thoughts would be appreciated


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  1. I think you’re in a very good path. The fact that you felt something on doggy is huge. Not everyone can get to activate it in that position
    Usually the best position is knees bent and feet on bed.

    How was your breathing doing during the time?

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