1. yea it can push a ton of the pre-cum out, I think you actually want to avoid that if you attempting a hands free orgasm

  2. I leaked before using Aneros if I was really horny. I’ve had my Helix for about 2 years, I leak very heavily when playing, and quite a bit when I get horny. I’ve leaked a lot of pre cum during a session and then had HFWO, I don’t think this prevents a handsfree orgasm. I just think it varies from person to person.

  3. For me it depends on what position I’m in. When I squatted way down to place it, I’d like precum like crazy.

  4. I get plenty of precum from both Njoy wand and dildo, but have never gotten a drop yet from Aneros. So I have the opposite problem.

  5. I’ve never had precum but would like to have it, as it is a turn on for me. Don’t know if regular Aneros use might trigger it, or if I just don’t produce any.
    Getting a HFWO has never been an issue, and same with wet dreams.

  6. Sometimes I’m completely dry. Other times there may be some drops. Even in my most intense session there still wasn’t as much but I’ve seen vids of it just leaking out at a constant stream. Varies from person to person

  7. For me, pre-cum is related to nipple. If I play with my nipples during an Aneros session I get lots of pre-cum. If I don’t touch my nipples I am totally dry.

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