Getting close I think, I came some but did not have any orgasm….

SO ive been paying with the Progasm for a few months now and have had some frustrating times and some really pleasurable times but have not really had any results. This seems normal from what ive gathered, but yesterday I found a position that works for me where I was just bent over the bathroom counter and was using the progasm with my hand and applying a lot of pressure slightly forward and back on my P spot. I looked down as I heard a dribble on the floor and noticed I squirted a bit and it felt really good but it wasn’t an orgasm. Is it normal to maybe cum a bit but not feel a full orgasm?



  1. This has not happened to me, normally just a ton of pre cum and the rare HFWO. I do feel the occasional feeling of a mini ejaculation but no cum. (Opposite of what you experienced) I have read accounts of this happening, so I think it’s normal. I would say if you’re leaking a little cum and it feels really good, I’d say your close to something. Maybe not HFWO, but maybe pgasm. Don’t rush the HFWO, I chased it for years, and only had my first HFWOs in the past four months or so. Although HFWO is amazing, I honestly think a strong prostate orgasm is better, plus I can have multiple orgasms, if I have a HFWO I’m pretty much done for a while.

  2. Cumming and Super O are two totally different things….
    To get to a super O we are trying to have a prostate orgasim… not a penile one… forget the penis exists….

    You need to be laying down and relaxed and just listen to all the small feelings in your body… focus in those and stay calm and relax… lots of steady breathing.

    You will using the aneros more like a dildo to HFWO the cum out… stick to a dildo for that.. and use the aneros for the way it was designed.

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