First big wave of pleasure, Helix too thick for me?

Hello, It’s been about a month since I got my first aneros, Helix trident. having fun with it.
Today, I had another go. nice buzzing feelings. Pulled it out after an hour to end my session.

As I was lying in bed to calm down, Suddenly a big wave of pleasure started building on me.
I began trembling, running out of breath with pleasure. It slowly came and went away. It was so satisfying that it left a smile on my face.

The thing is, When my prostate wasn’t “awaken”, It never occurred to me that Helix was putting much pressure on my prostate.
But today, even when I was conducting “Do nothing method”, It felt like it was pressing on it a bit too much. maybe even distracting me.

I guess that’s why I had a pleasure wave hit me only after I took it out?
Or maybe if I had helix in a little longer I would have gotten the same result??
question remains…

And It got me thinking about getting a Eupho trident as my next one which seems thinner than helix.



  1. Congrats, sounds like you had a dry prostate orgasm.

    And yeah, I’ve found that even the Helix can be too much sometimes. It might start out feeling good, and as I get more aroused and my prostate gets more sensitive and swollen, I start to feel that pressure on my prostate and if I keep going it will start to get uncomfortable or even painful. The annoying thing is that the discomfort/pressure will come right as the p-waves are starting to build and get better.

    When this happens, I’ve learned not to keep going because it’s never productive to me. Instead I’ll switch to the Eupho Syn, which leaves more room for my prostate to swell as well as for movement.

    Sometimes even the Eupho gets to be too much. At that point my prostate may be starting to feel a little sore in which case I’ll stop. But if not, I usually just remove the Eupho and keep going a-less. I actually had my first Super-O that way.

  2. Is it possible your lube was drying out?

    I’m not 100% sure a Eupho would help you here (as much as I love it) since the angle of the two is a bit different. Maybe it will… but I find that the Eupho can actually put more pressure in a smaller area than the Helix. It’s probably worth trying (everyone should have new toys anyway!) but I would go in with limited expectations.

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