My Transformational 1 Year Journey and Method [Useful for Beginners]


Hi everyone – I would like to share a little bit about myself and my experience of an unexpected journey of healing and personal transformation from this little piece of plastic we call the Aneros. As a fair warning, this is going to be a lengthy write-up and I will attempt to keep it to the point, however I feel that an understanding of my journey can help beginners and intermediate users understand some of the deeper intricacies of Aneros to assist in their development.

I am a straight, 25 year old male with a long-term relationship and stable professional career as a Management Consultant in a major US city. Although I have known about the mysticism/potential of prostate pleasure since I was very young (thank you 4chan shitposts), I never experienced or experimented with this potential until recent years. I did not begin serious practice with the Aneros tool until late 2020. Like most of you, my day-to-day experience was deeply impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic. I am still recovering from what was the darkest period of my life, consumed by addictions and a desire to escape from the horrors we were seeing unwind on the news and in our personal lives. These addictions were in the form of marijuana, porn, food and internet consumption, and at my lowest point they were very close to taking everything away from me that I had built and loved. Prior to the pandemic, I was a very motivated, fit, successful 23 year old who had zero worries and a promising future. When lockdowns started and the world changed forever seemingly over night, I fell into a dark spiral that would make that 23 year old a very distant memory.

Through professional counseling, self-exploration and support from my family and friends, I have healed from those dark days without the use of SSRIs or other prescription drugs. The critical part of my healing came from the ‘self-exploration’ where over the course of a year, I used resources to teach myself how to induce full body, universe-shifting orgasms at the will of my mind. When I started this journey, I was completely unable to feel sexual pleasure from anywhere else in my body other than my penis. At this point, I can now generate and infinitely expand sexual pleasure internally using controlled muscle, hip and spine movements **without any toy/external stimulation**. In addition, I can also grow and appreciate external stimulation from anywhere on my body, although areas where there are a high amount of nerve endings are easiest (frenulum, nipples, perineum, or ticklish spots). I no longer need to regularly use an Aneros tool because once you have rewired properly, my belief is that Aneros-less (A-less) stimulation is the fastest path to the Super Orgasm and beyond.

Before I get into my exact method, I would like to share more about my journey and why I think learning this ability has impacted my life so profoundly. Not only do I experience exponentially more pleasure during solo sessions and intercourse, but I also experience a greater appreciation for the big and small non-sexual pleasure in life that happen day-to-day.

**Personal Journey:**

At the beginning of my journey, I dealt with incredible frustration after reading the unbelievable testimonials and feeling absolutely nothing but some mild discomfort and irritation in my butt. As you read above, I was falling into addictions of constantly seeking pleasure at all times of the day. I was constantly masturbating to porn, eating junk food, staying up late playing video games and reading Reddit, etc., while also high on weed day in and day out. I felt disappointed with my myself and actions at the end of every day. My existence had devolved into my unconscious brain seeking stimulation at all times without me even knowing it. I must admit, the reason I bought the Aneros was because I was seeking that pleasure everyone was ranting about, and I wanted to do it all the time. It was at this time that I realized (with the help of an amazing counselor) that I was addicted to any form of constant, novel stimulation and when I didn’t have it, I felt like a tired, mindless zombie on autopilot.

As I continued to read online about Aneros use, it became clear to me that pleasure generated internally from the prostate is significantly different than the pleasure I was looking for and expecting. It was not at all like the fast, immediate release, high-dose dopamine hits that I had become accustomed to. I call this form of pleasure ‘junk pleasure’. Junk food, porn, drugs, social media scrolling, phone/internet addiction, all of it, is junk pleasure. Without going into the science of your dopamine reward circuits and the formation of maladaptive neural pathways, I am going to put it very simply. Any and all form of junk pleasure is desensitizing your pleasure/reward circuitry more than you probably realize, and it is within your capability to increase your awareness of these sources of stimulation and master your relationship with all forms of pleasure.

The beautiful thing about what I’ve learned is that you don’t have to give junk pleasure up entirely, or live as a monk to be happy or have amazing prostate orgasms. You just have to develop an awareness and some self-control, which is what Aneros use is all about at its core. As you grow to appreciate a more slow burning/extended release (and most importantly fulfilling) form of pleasure, you will find that you no longer seek the impulsive junk pleasure that leaves you feeling empty and unsatisfied every time. Using this new awareness with the correct intentions, you can reshape your life so that your days are filled with types of pleasure that bring excitement, purpose and fulfillment in life.

It was not until I had changed my habits and lifestyle that I first felt the true power of the Aneros and began furthering my understanding and respect of the concept called ‘pleasure’. It was difficult at first, but I tried distract myself with anything that wasn’t a source of junk dopamine. If you want to know more about how I did this, you can message me and I will share – but essentially I used healthy distractions (exercise, reading, productively working, meditation, etc.) to replace all of my bad habits over time. I wasn’t successful for most of my first year, and you probably won’t be either, but simply identifying and having an awareness of your sources of external stimuli and your immediate pleasure response is obviously as transformational as it sounds. If you have habits with junk pleasure, decreasing your exposure to these will accelerate your journey very quickly. Any activity nurtures your mind-body connection will also assist with this – think yoga, weightlifting, dancing, playing an instrument, sports, etc.

As my desensitized reward and sexual pathways healed and reset over the first few months, I slowly began feeling a bit more like my old, healthy self, and to my amazement my sex drive was coming back, hard. It had been dormant for almost a year which came along with terrible ED and terrible, empty orgasms. As I was no longer constantly masturbating and desensitizing myself sexually, my real, ‘primal’ sex drive was coming back in full force, probably more than when I was going through puberty because even then I was addicted to porn. My penis became more responsive and reliable as it also regained sensitivity. I would wake up in the morning and it would be throbbing, begging for some sort of release. This is when I started to understand the distinction between my true sex drive and the impulse I had formed to masturbate daily with porn over the years.

It was around this time that my prostate began awakening and I began feeling consistent p-waves during every session with the Aneros. Following the same process each time, I was noticing sessions were starting to improve day to day, until it happened after just a few weeks of focused practice.

At first it was like a drop of water in a serene, still pond. A small drop, a little tap tickling my prostate, that sent the most subtle ripple of pleasure through the body, down the legs and up the spine. I could feel my toes and fingers gently tingle, as if they were on the brink of falling asleep, but they would also light up when my prostate would pulse. This continued and I smiled excitedly, trying to remember the advice I had read online. “Embrace it, don’t chase it, observe and don’t expect more. Breathe, deeply and continuously from the diaphragm and observe the oxygen moving down your spine and into the pelvic floor. Relax, and sink deeper into the ground with each breath. If you think you’re relaxed, there is still more relaxation to be done. Find any tension and stress in your body, and slowly work to relieve it”. Suddenly, the waves began to grow, my breathing was getting faster and more shallow and my head tilted all the way back as it began feeling red hot. Not only are the taps on my p-spot more like full convulsions of my pelvic floor muscles, they were increasing rapidly in frequency. My whole body began warping in space and time and I continued to try and breathe deeply and remain calm, but it was clear that I was in for the ride. Even with my eyes closed, my vision shifted to an entirely different dimension of bright, psychedelic colors and other-wordly visuals. It felt as if the entire universe was simultaneously being sucked in through my toes, vibrating up my spine and arms, and exploding through the top of my head. I was no longer fighting, resisting, tensing, nothing. Everything in my vision was pure white, and I had very little awareness of my body, although I could tell it was definitely still there and completely seized up in this state of consciousness I had just found. It felt as if I was in some sort of DMT induced trip as pure pleasure was emanating from every inch of my body. This was the Super Orgasm, and there is nothing else that I’ve ever experienced in my life that even comes close to achieving this level of pleasure and satisfaction.

I have no idea how long I was in this state, but the whole session lasted a few hours. There was no sense of time during this experience and it was very psychedelic in nature. After I could no longer handle the waves of unrelenting dry orgasms, I removed the Aneros and I realized that I felt incredible emotional and physical relief, unlike any ejaculatory orgasm I’ve ever had (and I’ve had some great ones). From this point on, I knew that I would do whatever it takes to learn how to reperform that feeling on demand. With regular and methodical practice with the Aneros and continued focus on avoiding junk pleasure, I achieved that goal. Further, I learned that it wasn’t a ‘one-time’ extreme emotional and physical release, and that even higher levels of this release could be found within every session. Each time I achieved the Super O or even intense regular prostate orgasms, I am left feeling better than I was before. Happier, uplifted, healthy, fulfilled. As I said before, this ability grows to the point where you no longer need a toy – just your own mind and you can recreate this anywhere you can be alone and at peace with yourself.

I wish every male knew of this ability that is within all of us – I can’t imagine what the world would be like if this was taught and cherished among men as it should be. Certainly, it has changed my life in ways I never could have imagined at the start of this journey where I almost feel like I have achieved access to a mind state that will carry me through the rest of my life. This is why I feel it is important to share what I have learned with this community, and I encourage you to share your story, even if it isn’t finished yet. None of our stories are finished yet.

**My Rewiring Method:**

1) Identify if you are rewired or not. If you can feel p-waves without manually stimulating the aneros or your prostate, skip #2 below and go to the next section. If you have trouble getting consistent p-waves, maybe give this section a read, you could learn something new.

2) If you are not yet rewired and feel little to no pleasure from your prostate, it is time to re-learn how to re-wire. Most importantly, as I have described above, you need to reduce your exposure to high levels of stimulation/junk pleasure, more specifically porn and masturbation for a decent amount of time. This can be anywhere from 3-7 days to weeks, see what works for you. While you are cutting out junk pleasure, use this time for exercising, cleaning, reading, accomplishing those things you have been putting off. Don’t think too hard about the abstinence – **just do other low-stim activity as much as possible, this is the most important part of ‘rewiring’**. Make sure you find these low-stim activities at least mildly rewarding. The goal is to feel good about what you did at the end of the day, and cultivate positive feelings about yourself and your behaviours. When we feel good about the end of the day, we wake up starting the next day with a positive mindset. After you find your footing with these practices, you should start noticing some positive changes about yourself, including: increased levels of self-awareness and self-control, elevated sex drive/horniness, a higher level of satisfaction with your day, feelings of accomplishment when completing non-instant gratification tasks, more consistent energy throughout the day, increased focus, better sleep, appreciating small things. Observe if you notice any of these and take close notes. Your brain is gradually and slowly resetting itself to feel the way it was supposed to feel before everything in the world was based on instant-gratification.

3) Once your levels of horniness have risen to an unavoidable urge to release, go start a hot shower, empty your bowels and bladder and begin getting into a relaxed mindset and physical state – your session starts here, not when you touch yourself. Make sure you have an hour or so alone, and turn off any and all distractions that will take you out of focus for even a second. As you shower, bring your attention to taking continuous long, slow breaths from deep down in your stomach, pay attention to the expansion of your ribs, diaphragm and pelvic floor, and focus on feeling the sensation of water on your skin and observe how nice it feels. Notice if you are holding any tension in your pelvic region, spine/back, etc., and release. Feel the steam enter through your nose and clear your sinuses of blockage. Pay attention to how good it feels to clean yourself, and appreciate the blessing it is to have access to warm, clean water at the turn of a knob. As you finish showering, dry off and find somewhere comfortable to lie down. You can turn on some calming music, nature sounds, or lay in silence. I use a yoga mat, noise cancelling AirPods and a sleep mask to reduce external stimulation as much as possible, and recommend you do too.

4) Remember: at this point your session has already started. You should be on your way to being very relaxed at this stage. If you are not, this is your chance to regain your center. You can use your bed, couch, anywhere that you can lie on your side, and slowly pull the higher leg close to the chest. This movement of pulling your leg should offer some release, but do not introduce tension by pulling too hard. Find the muscle release point and breathe deeply into it. For the next few minutes, clear your mind and remain focused on continuing the deep breaths and that feeling of sinking further into relaxation. With each deep exhalation, sink deeper, and notice if you are starting to chase some expectation of immense pleasure or release. Don’t react, just observe and let it pass. You aren’t ready to touch yourself until your body has melted into a puddle of its own relaxation. Let’s call this state ‘tranquility’. Very little tension should be felt at any point in your body, and you should feel warm and loose. Your mind should be clear of worry, calm, submissive and accepting of the touch you are about to receive. If you can even get to the point of ‘tranquility’, you have now learned true body/mind relaxation and you are closer than you might think to your untapped potential. This is probably the hardest part about the entire process of rewiring, and if you aren’t able to achieve this state, trust the process and identify what is keeping you from being relaxed.

5) If you are melted into your puddle of relaxation, you can now begin exploring your prostate with a highly lubricated finger, yes – finger (preferably a thumb with warm coconut oil). The objective is NOT to orgasm, or at first to even feel a high level of pleasure (you might if you are lucky!). You must 100% drop any expectation of pleasure or what you think it should feel like. The goal is to continue endlessly sinking deeper into the relaxed state we found in step #2, while inserting your thumb (trimmed nail facing away from the prostate) deliberately slowly and gently gliding in wide circles as slowly as possible when you feel a firm bulb of nerve endings called the prostate. I recommend using anatomical pictures to figure out where yours might be. The act of using our own finger at first is critical to rewiring, as it is creating a mental/visual mapping of the prostate gland and surrounding muscles and nerve endings. To keep it simple, your finger is providing increased physical feedback to your brain as you gain awareness of these ‘new’ nerve endings. You should be gently exploring around your prostate in all directions, remembering to use a touch lighter than a feather and slow, deliberate movements.

I cannot emphasize enough, go *very* slowly using *as little pressure as possible*. There must be zero tension, irritation or pain in the pelvic floor or anywhere else in your body before or during the insertion process, and you must continue the slow and repeated deep breaths from the diaphragm deep in your stomach. If you are tensing or feel discomfort at any point, you are going too fast, applying too much pressure, or you are not breathing properly. Remember, this is not like jerking your penis at all. It must be slow, light, yet deliberate. At every moment, you are actively resisting the build up of tension around your prostate through deep breathing resulting in pelvic floor relaxation. As you glide your thumb in circles slowly (even slower than before, there is quite literally no such thing as too slow in this exercise except for complete stillness), observe the sensations without judgement or expectation, and just appreciate how the prostate area feels loose, relaxed, accepting and potentially carrying a sense of fullness and warmth. These are all pleasurable feelings, so make sure you appreciate these for what they are: subtle precursors to full-blown superorgasmic pleasure. Hint, these small precursors have always been there, going unnoticed as you were or are currently hard-wired to skip the slow, sensual stuff and just expect immediate high stimulation from masturbating manually. When you start learning how to observe the smallest amount of pleasure from your prostate, the same concept can be applied to your nipples, thighs, perineum, etc., and can even be mixed and combined for different experiences. If you want to see what I mean, get into this relaxed state and have a partner gently caress different parts of your body and be amazed at the sensations. But for now, let’s remain focused on our prostate.

If you don’t feel strong p-waves yet, this is expected. Now you just need to continue this exact process flow with every session without watching porn, masturbating manually or overstimulating your reward circuitry throughout the day. If you feel disappointed or let down after not achieving an orgasm or immense pleasure in a session, that is also expected. Observe that emotion and allow yourself to experience it non-judgmentally. Then, try to appreciate at least one thing about your session (it felt better than last time, I was able to get more relaxed than last time, I started feeling pleasure faster, etc). 1 session a day is fine, but if you are stagnating or start to feel less pleasure, abstain and continue nurturing your body. Again, under no circumstances should you masturbate or ejaculate before, during or after these sessions. If you do, you are damaging the process of building the proper neural pathways needed to make these feelings grow in a repeatable fashion in the future. Over time you can start to introduce the Aneros tool, and you should start generating p-waves more reliably and automatically and boom, you are successfully rewired. Now, you know the pleasure, the stories, the unattainable feeling is real and you can drop all doubt and fully submit. Now, it’s time to grow this ability as far as you’d like to take it.

3) A few tips for rewiring:
a) When using your thumb you are creating a mental map of the prostate area. This is incredibly useful for rewiring if done properly. I would try to visualize what I was doing internally (not the most sexy imagery, though it was more abstract in nature) as I felt different sensations. The visual imagery is now automatic in my head during a session, and seems to be critical to my awareness of this part of my body.
b) This is a meditative practice. If your mind is wandering elsewhere, you will not find what you are looking for. If you cannot ground yourself in your thoughts, you are not ready for the next steps. You must approach each session with intention without expectation. It is very much true what they say, expectation is the killer of sessions.
c) Mood/mindset is incredibly important early on. I don’t have to be super horny to do this now, but I did when I started. So make sure you’re horny and not rushing into anything about this process. This is how you learn true patience and self-mastery. If you are in a rush, do not have a session. It is up to you to carve out dedicated time to grow these abilities.

**Method Once You’re Rewired: Unlocking the Super Orgasm**

You will be essentially continue doing what you disocvered in the rewiring process. To have gotten to this point, you have identified and developed the critical pieces of the puzzle 1) your awareness of and ability to moderate your sensitivity to all forms of pleasure, 2) the ability to reach a state of complete mind/body relaxation (tranquility), and 3) the ability to generate and feel obvious, pleasurable feelings from your prostate! And, at this point, you should have a general sense of your steps that work to get you there each time. So, now what? Obviously, the reason we are all here is to experience the fabled Super O.

What I write here is uniquely my experience, and I cannot guarantee that the same steps will work for you. Regardless, I don’t think its really the exact steps you take – its the mindset you adopt and develop which reinforces the new neural pathways you’ve created from learning this form of pleasure. Also as we discuss the path forward, I feel that the nature of the activity becomes a little more abstract and maybe somewhat spiritual, and that is probably about right, because that’s exactly what a Super O is: abstract and spiritual.

The biggest piece of advice is that unlocking these new levels of pleasure lies within a skill you already obtained, which is to sink deeper and deeper into relaxation. As the pleasure is building in your pelvic region during a session, you will inevitably want to seize or tense up. Of course, you can still feel massive amounts of pleasure while allowing this to happen and even a full blown prostate orgasms, but through my study I’ve found that resisting this initial tension using the least amount of energy and exertion for as long as possible is key to growing the pleasure into a Super Orgasm. Let it be noted that this in itself is incredibly difficult because you’ve just started feeling pleasure down there when you tense up, and resisting this tension is like resisting everything you’ve worked for. But like everything else you’ve learned in this journey, we no longer seek the immediate reward.

As you gently resist this tension through relaxed breathing, you will notice that Aneros will play sort of a tug-of-war right around your prostate, gently caressing up and down with a gentle glide. The p-waves should be coming at this point, however subtle they may be. At some point, the game of tug-of-war may demand additional resistance from you, so allow yourself to contract 1-2% harder, gently. The goal is to use as little energy as possible to maintain the game of tug of war while wearing out the opponent (automatic muscle contractions in your pelvic floor) as slowly as possible. Drop all expectations of what you hope the super orgasm is like, and just observe as the pleasure grows in waves. There will be high peaks, and low points where you don’t feel much, but over time the waves should gradually increase in both pleasure and frequency as you relax and sink deeper and deeper. As they grow higher in intensity and frequency, the harder it becomes to fully submit, and if you haven’t realized at this point, you are playing an extremely difficult mental gymnastics exercise at this moment. You’re doing high wire acrobatics with your mind/body connection and any small slip up or distraction can result in complete disaster – missing out on the Super O. You must learn to fully submit under these intense conditions and drop your ego. Failure should only be met with resolve. Once you pass this ‘submission barrier’, there is absolutely no going back, so you better prepare. You are going to be moaning uncontrollably, full body seizing and experiencing what is unmistakably the highest level of pleasure and consciousness you’ve ever experienced. You will be questioning if it was even real as you catch your breath and are swiftly swept into another episode of mind boggling release, higher than before. Now, you’ve had one or many Super Os and validate to yourself that the experience is real, therefore is repeatable. This affirmation is more important than you think, and will help you on your next step of achieving this level of pleasure without a toy/direct stimulation. Lucky for you, you’ve already learned everything you need to know to navigate this section, it is now your journey to grow this ability to your entire body – I recommend the nipples to start.

A few tips in general:
a) Marijuana can help, but I ultimately recommend against it until you are rewired and can feel pleasure without drug enhancement. Trust me, if you want to achieve higher levels of pleasure, you are doing yourself a disservice by first learning and ultimately relying on drugs. Manage your relationship with this powerful substance. Extremely small doses of THC can result in exponential growth in pleasure down the line, I promise.
b) Any form of back, spinal, neck, shoulder pain or tightness should be addressed to allow for the uninterrupted flow of energy throughout your body. Trauma and stress can be stored in the body as tension and releasing this is a requirement. Regular relaxation while using the Aneros completely opened my pelvic floor and spine, and it might help you too. Strengthen your entire body, but especially your abs, lower back and spine to support a strong, healthy body and provide resilience to stress.
c) Find a passion outside of the Aneros that grows you equally as much as this journey has. Learn a skill, something to take pride in, and keep yourself grounded in reality. There is more to life than just seeking pleasure. Allow yourself to feel pleasure higher forms of pleasure in non-sexual experiences as well.
d) You will fail before you succeed. Many times. If you do not leave every session with a positive takeaway, feeling better about yourself and your life, take a step back and ask yourself why you are chasing instead of appreciating. This applies to dealing with any sort of failure, but is critical in this context.
e) As you feel pleasure building in your prostate and pelvic region, the goal is to learn how to observe where it is building and transfer it through the body. It is difficult to describe how to do this, but I simply think about resisting tension wherever it is being built, and moving it up/down my spine with my inhalation and exhaltion. At the same time, you must continue sinking deeper into relaxation and you will begin unlocking new layers of pleasure. When you find yourself in this stage, don’t chase. Just experiment with moving the pleasure around with gentle spine/hip movements and your breath.




  1. Nice read, I can not agree more on the junk pleasure. That quick, easy and empty orgasm, the false horniness you get from watching porn. obligatory jerk offs everyday because theres nothing better to do.

    Even though I haven’t had super-o yet, It’s gotten much easier to stay away from thoes junks because I know that more fulfilling experience awaits after giving my body time to build up it’s own arousal.

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  4. The biggest piece of advice is that unlocking these new levels of pleasure lies within a skill you already obtained, which is to sink deeper and deeper into relaxation.

    This is the key, so much is mental and your state of mind. Meditation helps alot or for people who are not patient try giving erotic hypnosis a go to get used to being in a trance state.

  5. Great read, again… those of us that can’t source the THC, I’ve found that a slick coating of Colorado made 500mg CBC oil overtop the lube used on the Aneros before inserting has a tremendous effect within the colon and prostate once inserted.. this has allowed me to enter into Nirvana (constant PO’s) within a few minutes of inserting… also nipple play has a huge effect on my prostate arousal… your writing offers a tremendous guide for those who have just started the Journey or having issues obtaining the land of Prostate Orgasms! Thank you for taking the painstaking time to offer such a well written journal…

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  7. This is incredible, dude. Thank you so much for sharing. Don’t suppose you’d teach a class? Lol

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