Looking for my first purchase

Hello, I’m looking to start my journey with aneros after seeing so many positive reviews from people. I looked at the buyers guide and I’m kind of stuck with a bit of indecision. Since the toy is fairly expensive (for my budget) I want to get it right the first time. Looking on the buyers guide, the helix classic and the helix syn are both recommended. Since the classic is plasic and the syn silicone I was wondering what would the recommendation for a first time user be? I have some small silicone plugs and I have difficulty using them at times because of friction despite the copious amounts of lube. Would a plastic toy be the better option or is silicone better?

Tl;Dr which is a better material for newbies plastic or silicone?

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  1. The Silicone Aneros models feel softer than the plastic ones, the tabs on the hard plastic ones do bother me somewhat at times, Plus the silicone models move better for me & feel alot slicker when inside; alot better sensation for me when moving. You can use different lubes with the plastic ones plus shea butter or even coconut oil. Water based lubes are the only one recommended to use with the silicone models. I have 3 models; Helix Syn V, the white plastic Helix Trident, & the blackProgasm Iceplastic Progasm Jr. The Syn V is highly recommended, especially if you can get one on sale. They also make a Helix Silicone which is just a manual one without the electronics. Enjoy! If you have problems with silicone; it seems the white plastic Helix Trident or the Aneros Maximus. The Maximus or the Progasm Jr are both a fuller size.

  2. Personally, my favourite is the Progasm Ice. It’s not really that hard to insert even if you’re a newbie. If the smaller ones don’t do it for you, it avoids buying a bigger one later on.

  3. From my perspective, the smooth plastic is best to start. Also, without the proper lubricant neither the syn nor plastic models will work as intended, so make sure you use something like warm coconut oil (refined) or a brand I recommend called Boy Butter. Buy both a larger and smaller toy and experiment with observing the differences in sensation. This will strengthen the mind-muscle connection and only benefit you.

  4. My 2 cents… started off with the Helix Syn and mainly used it to enhance my penile orgasms… however once I decided to really get into the Journey I used the Helix Syn to help me learn the PC Kegel moves within my colon… does have a tendency to become somewhat odorous though…I felt that the Helix Syn didn’t give me the fullness feeling I wanted however my butthole has always been very tight and hard to open so I research the fuller feeling Aneros models that wouldn’t require a overstretch of the butthole… I decided to buy the Trident Maximus which is hard plastic… man did I make the correct decision to buy the Maxi… got it on sale and fulfilled my Journey into Nirvana (Prostate orgasm heaven)… it’s all kinda hit or miss but look at everything, ie dimensions, the tightness you may have, the lube you want to use… if you decide on the hard plastic models, you may have an issue with the ptab starting to irritate your perineum area… that can quickly be resolved by putting a rubber eye dropper bulb over the top of it… you’ll be able to try so many different lubes with the hard plastic models too… remember to always over lube yourself and the massager and to involve developing nipple play during your sessions… eventually it will seem like your nipples are directly stimulating your prostate which is amazing…. Best of luck on your new Journey… keep reading and researching to help guide you to becoming a multi orgasmic man… and it is soooo amazing…

  5. I have both silicone and plastic versions. The material difference is mostly subjective and I think neither is particularly advantageous for a newbie. Since you’re on a budget just get a plastic one. The larger models (Progasm & Maximus) will probably be easier to learn due to girth (needs less technique), but won’t have as high a peak as the smaller three (MGX, Eupho, Helix). Really though you can’t go wrong with any of them unless you get a larger model and have difficulty inserting. Pick one, learn it well and start saving for your second.

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