Progasm expertise appreciated

Hey guys. Recently got a progasm after having my helix syn for a few months. With the helix I seem to have no issue getting to prostate orgasm, but the progasm seems to be a totally different beast. Any tips or tricks on getting over edge where this toy isn’t as moveable would be appreciated!



  1. Be very gentle – let the size and pressure it exerts do the work. I view it more as I move around IT than it moves in me.

  2. I like grinding a bit on it laying on my back, with my butt cheeks moving back and forth if that makes sense. Sort of when your partner is doing cowgirl and you’re thrusting. Also, I like opening and closing my knees together and playing with my nipples for added stimulation. It’s all very personal, try different positions until you find something that’s really pleasurable for you.

  3. Others have already chimed in with some good advice, also want to recommend trying different lube types. I find for the larger toys you really want something thicker, but YMMV. Point is, you might have better luck with something different than what you use with the Helix.

  4. To add a little to what others are saying, I’m a total noob, but the Progasm is my first Aneros, and I’ve gotten to dry (and not so dry) orgasms very quickly. I noticed one thing that might help, but the “do nothing” approach works best with my Progasm.

    All of the failed seasions I was trying to do gentle clenching, or concentrating on getting spasms to happen. This caused discomfort like other users mentioned, but ALSO caused my ass to clench around the toy in the wrong way. With the “do nothing” approach, though, strap in.

    You don’t ride the Progasm, the Progasm rides you lol

  5. You guys are all the best – I was starting to regret buying this model, and then being told to relax and let it fuck you clicked. Amped up the level of lube too. Needless to say, I’ve been blisssed out for the last hour.

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