Thank you

I’ve been lurking for a few months and I just want to thank this community. I recently received a Helix Syn V and have been loving it these past few days. I have had it in since getting to the office at 11this morning just to get used to having it in for long periods of time. I decided to talk a walk to the local coffee shop a few blocks away and what an adventure I had! I barely noticed it while I was sitting in my chair, but once I set off walking I could feel it rub my prostate with every step. By the time I got there I was letting out a little groan every time I put my foot down. I made it back to the office with enough precum in my boxers to soak a little through my pants. I’m very very happy with my purchase and if it wasn’t for you all I would have never known about it.



  1. This is awesome, and it makes me want one even more. I have a question, what do you use for lube, do you relube during the day, is taking it out difficult?

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