What just happened 😳

Well, it was actually the other night. I had some edibles and was just fucking my sex toy to orgasm without my Aneros in. When I got to orgasm I was feeling the weed quite heavily. All of a sudden I felt a lot of contractions in my ass and it felt like something was pressing on my prostate from the inside. It felt very different than anything before. Every contraction resulted in a runny liquid spurting out even though I had already ejaculated. I guess it was prostate fluid.

I’m guessing this wasn’t a “real” prostate orgasm because it came from penis stimulation.

Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/aneros/comments/snz6s4/what_just_happened/

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  1. Some call this “male squirting.” With enough stimulation of the glans, this will happen to most men. Usually it results from only stimulating the glans so maybe it was due to the way you were jerking off. I’ve done this a couple times after reading subs here about it. Feels amazing!

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