Making good progress

These past 2 weeks I’ve picked up my helix trident after a few weeks off. It took a few sessions to get back into the swing of things, but in my last session I had a new sensation.

Since I came back to my helix trident, I have been using the “do nothing” approach as much as possible. In my last session I was listening to Shibby’s files and found myself reaching the end of the file.

During this part she was basically telling the listener “if there was a time to climax, it would be now.” At this point I felt my body give in to Shibby’s instructions and I began to feel this sensation starting in my limbs. It was half way between pins and needles, and a vibrating feeling. It felt really strange but I went with it anyway, this feeling spread throughout my whole body and eventually I relaxed so much to the point where I literally couldn’t produce a single thought during this moment and my body was just on autopilot whilst floating in this state.

This lasted 1-2 minutes and was amazing, however I knew that I could have done more in the moment regarding contractions. But I didn’t wanna ruin it by going overboard so I just let it play out.

I’ve heard people describe a dry orgasm and what I felt was similar but different, I didn’t feel like I was cumming but at the same time it was different from my regular p waves.

Do you guys know what this is?