Are there any side effects to this?

Basically that. Good or bad, short term or long term. I had a very intense session last week, which I know should be good since it’s what I was looking for buying the toy, but thing is intense experiences make me very anxious (as someone who struggles with anxiety for ever) and now the idea of using it again gets me a bit panicky, mostly because I get this thought (stupid as it may be) that using this could eventually ruin my life somehow (same reason I don’t do weed). I did experience some after effects, mostly being very horny and aware of my prostate for a couple days, but that’s pretty much gone by now. The horniness is something I’m interested in because I usually have a low libido so if I could use this to make myself generally hornier that’d be kind of cool cause I could use that to have fun with my bf.

So for any users, specially those who have been going at it for a long time, has aneros and prostate stimulation changed anything for you? I’d just like to hear about your experiences outside of the sessions, whatever those may be.



  1. I have been using my aneros models for over 20 years and have not detected anything bad. I have experienced some soreness after an extreme session but that goes off in a day or two. I have noticed lots of benefits. Many of my male friends who do not use them report they have to go to the toilet many times during the night. I don’t, I go right through the night no problem.

    My annual medical checks my PSA level and for someone of my age it is very low.

  2. Depends on the individuals headspace I think – I’ve noticed the reduction in getting up at night for a pee (as per other posts) and thus far haven’t had any negative effects to mention.

    I found that multiple Super O’s threw my head-space and understanding of my body out of whack for awhile, but it’s rapidly become normalised for me. Realising that I could do that was a bit of a shock that took some time to come to terms with.

    There was another thread here a little while back talking about after effects of an Aneros session (pwaves mini O’s etc) which I think from reading others experiences are quite common but can be a little unsettling at first.

    All in all – I’d say it’s been a positive experience with some confronting moments. I guess if one is suffering from anxiety slowing things down and taking some time to reflect might be in order – after all discovering that one can have multiple whole body orgasms that have nothing to do with one’s penis is the sort of thing that would upend a fair few men’s view of their body and sexuality. At the end of the day, you set the pace and do what you are comfortable with at your own pace.

    Don’t be overthinking it – it’s really just a different way to experience pleasure that you can explore or ignore as you feel. Experimentation can be fun and you might find that this unlocks a slightly different view of yourself that you’ll come to appreciate.

  3. I’m in my early 30s and I didn’t got any bad side-effects per say. The only side-effect that I find fun or distracting, is that consuming cannabis makes me horny now, prostate horny to be precise. I won’t get any erection but I’ll feel my prostate getting active. This can be distracting if I am at the right place to have an aneros session but wasn’t planning on having one, like when I’m laying on couch reading a book, but otherwise, it is not a problem. I find this way more manageable than than being “penis” horny, since, for me, it’s less “holistic” (I don’t feel any thirst or a craving need to look at porn, only some shaking sometimes) and addictive. I know you don’t do weed but if you change your mind in the future, be aware it may happen.

    On the health side, I’m not sure if they are helping. Sadly, I’m one of those guys that drips a little urine for some time after I pee and even though kegels are supposed to be fixing this (says the internet, and aneros usage rely a lot on them), it doesn’t work for me. Also, I often get external hemorrhoids and I’m not sure if aneros products are helping that much. I feel it’s the case, but they often came back if I take an aneros hiatus or if I start/stop getting into anal stretching (I don’t get why, this happens only the first few days and after I stop, not during). I’m sharing this because Aneros products like the Peridises are supposed to help with this (before being a sex toy) if my memory serves me right.

  4. It cured my prostatitis that I suffered with miserably for over two years before discovering the Aneros. The urologist only would prescribe heavy duty antibiotics with way more serious side effects than the aneros: ruptured tendons being the worst one. You would have to be pretty aggressive with the massager to have anything close to that happen.

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