Dealing with Arousal

What was your journey in learning to combine ejaculation and Aneros Use? And how do you deal with the refractory period that follows?

If I don’t ejaculate for several days, the sessions are mind-blowing, but I am so aroused I am unable to work or study. There’s nothing else I can think about, except teasing myself through nipple stimulation or having an Aneros session. I also have to think of ways to avoid ejaculating during sex.

If I ejaculate through sex with my partner or masturbation, I cannot reach the same level of satisfaction through prostate play for several days. I am either not interested or the sessions are dull.

I suppose it is a learning experience to get to a place where I can rewire and combine both, or enjoy both without affecting the other. This is just one of those things that I haven’t yet mastered.