New sensations from Progasm

I’ve had another good session last night with my Progasm. I had it in for about an hour. I started off with nothing. Left it in and did some housework. Before I went to bed I laid on the carpet on my back, knees up feet flat. Shortly I began feeling some really strong ice cold tingly sensations in all four limbs, especially my hands and feet. I felt tingly, heavy, and paralyzed. The more I breathed deeply into my stomach the more the sensations were amplified.

Now, I found some binaural beats on YouTube for prostate massage. The sound of that got me back to the sensations I just mentioned. For about a minute I lay there still and my muscles and everything felt like I was on a rocking chair being fucked. They eventually stopped and I took a shower.

Are these P-Waves or orgasms? These are new in the sense that they have never been this intense



  1. Not OP but if you are looking for interesting track take a listen to Jackpot 1. Playing around with mindgasm, and eraudica but haven’t used them to personally recommend yet.

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