What was this?

Last night I spent an hour with my helix syn. I laid down with feet flat and knees up. Immediately once I laid down, the sensations started. I felt a mild sensation of electricity running through and out my hands and feet, coupled with the feeling of my hands and feet being tied/cemented to the floor along with the auto feeling of my muscles contracting. The sensation passed and I moved around a bit. I laid down about a half hour later and began doing a lot of fast and hard contractions. The same sensations came back but so much stronger. I felt cemented to the floor and had surges of heat and a feeling of my whole body inflating and floating away like a balloon. It ended like a few minutes later. What was this?

Does anybody else have feeling like being tied and sinking into the floor?

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New sensations from Progasm

I’ve had another good session last night with my Progasm. I had it in for about an hour. I started off with nothing. Left it in and did some housework. Before I went to bed I laid on the carpet on my back, knees up feet flat. Shortly I began feeling some really strong ice cold tingly sensations in all four limbs, especially my hands and feet. I felt tingly, heavy, and paralyzed. The more I breathed deeply into my stomach the more the sensations were amplified.

Now, I found some binaural beats on YouTube for prostate massage. The sound of that got me back to the sensations I just mentioned. For about a minute I lay there still and my muscles and everything felt like I was on a rocking chair being fucked. They eventually stopped and I took a shower.

Are these P-Waves or orgasms? These are new in the sense that they have never been this intense

More new sensations!! Help

If you saw my last post I detailed the new sensations I had. I just got done with a two hour session this morning with my Progasm. I had more new sensations. I started off doing nothing and eventually had some very slight P waves (other poster described) or some tingling. I began doing some contractions and got some more little sensations but nothing new other than what I experienced yesterday.

Here are the two occupancies in my session that I need help understanding

1. About a half hour I went from on my back to on my right side in a wider version of fetal position. I lay there for a little bit doing nothing and eventually just did some random contractions of different intensity. Things started to feel different. I decided to hold perfectly still and hold the very light contraction. I’m laying on my side eyes closed with the contraction held and begin to start feeling some tingling in my arms and legs. It then intensified to a rock hard feeling in my pelvis and I had the sensation as if my pelvis was a balloon being slowing inflated with air. My palms got sweaty and my legs, arms and hands were starting to really tingle and feel hot. I felt waves of warm pleasure working it’s way up my arms and over me. I held the contraction and then my heart was racing and pounding. I just lay there quietly panting. It eventually subsided.

What is happening?

I’ve been doing aneros for a few months now on and off. I’ve been using my Progasm this past month. I never had any results with it. However today it was different. Right after insertion I felt some tingling at the base of the progasm and around the anus. I don’t know if that is just my body being stretched or what.

After a few minutes of doing nothing I begin to feel some heaviness and tingling in both arms, legs and fingers with a slight heat and pressure in the pelvis. Time goes on and I do a few light contractions, a minute after I’m laying in bed with the feeling of all this tingling and warmth coming over me and the sensation of being lifted up. It only happened once. Any ideas?