What is happening?

I’ve been doing aneros for a few months now on and off. I’ve been using my Progasm this past month. I never had any results with it. However today it was different. Right after insertion I felt some tingling at the base of the progasm and around the anus. I don’t know if that is just my body being stretched or what.

After a few minutes of doing nothing I begin to feel some heaviness and tingling in both arms, legs and fingers with a slight heat and pressure in the pelvis. Time goes on and I do a few light contractions, a minute after I’m laying in bed with the feeling of all this tingling and warmth coming over me and the sensation of being lifted up. It only happened once. Any ideas?

Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/aneros/comments/sr8uy7/what_is_happening/


  1. I don’t have much experience at all but i have had a few HFO’s and to me it sounds like just a very light HFO \o/

    I would say you are on the right track just make sure to keep chasing the pleasure but not the end goal i saw someone say its the difference between “wow, wow omfg this is so good i love it” and “oh i think i might be reaching a HFO like the people on reddit were saying” its a small difference but it makes the biggest change this is what did it for me honestly just the mindset complete focus on pleasure but not on the goal the goal will come naturally.

    But as i have said i have little experience literally only had one session of prostate masturbation. Hope it helps though 🙂

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