1. Changing models may not speed up reaching the super O. More important is following protocol. Go to Aneros web site to the learn section. The forum there is great.

  2. Ever tried.
    Ever failed.
    No matter.
    Try again.
    Fail again.
    Fail better!

    Seriously… unless the model you have does not cause discomfort there is no point in changing so early in the journey. Learn to produce/ experience consistent pleasure first.

  3. switch after just a week? after having some great sensations? Why?

    I would keep with what is working for a bit longer. There is no “best” model that is the same for everyone so if the Progasm is working for you then you may have found the model that works best for you.

    I am not against trying and switching up models. I think I have about 5 different ones but I only use one (Eupho) now. Give yourself more time to rewire before chasing “better” results.

  4. I have a bunch of models. As I was learning to rewire I figured I’d see which works best to get the best results fastest. Everyone has a different opinion on which model to buy. I was always wondering if I could make faster progress by trying a different model. Once I got to the point where I could have POs I now switch around in the same session. About an hour each with a break in between. I’ve learned to love each model in it’s on way and now they all bring me pleasure. Also I felt that the investment was worth the amount to pay for all the of pleasure you get from these devices. I only use the hard plastic ones as I like to use silicone lube. I seem to like the blackProgasm Iceproducts best, but even the regular white plastic products make me PO.

  5. What do you mean by “using” it? I didn’t realize just how important actual PC and sphincter muscle training was and thought that because I didn’t feel anything besides vague mildly pleasant sensations that it was took small for me. I thought that I just needed bigger and bigger toys but after trying some larger plugs which while great to enhance regular sex still did nothing for the prostate orgasm I realized I was wrong.

    Turns out I just wasn’t using it right. After dabbling with the lessons on the youtube channel “mindgasm” and occasionally some light dose of mushrooms I just had my first mini-prostate orgasm. It took a dozen or so hours of training the muscles. The mindgasm videos have enough info to figure it out or at least realize what you in particular need to work on. My struggle is still separating my PC from my breathing, and it’s still very challenging to not use accessory muscles. The summary is that you want to use just the muscle that you use to spot peeing and just the muscle you use to hold in gas or feces when you have to go real bad. However, it takes a very long time to learn to control them without accidentally controlling the other, and to not disconnect control of them from other pelvic/core/diaphragm muscle.

    You know you’re using it right when suddenly you can actually feel the toy inside you in a good way. If it feels like nothing you’re probably too relaxed with your pelvic floor muscles.

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