Like many people here, I’ve been struggling to hit the elusive hfo for about a year. Here is some info:

1. I use the helix syn trident mostly, but I also have the pure wand and a dildo (both of which don’t do too much). Im trying to use what I have instead of buying more toys. Budget conscious to a point
2. I’ve read multiple posts and the faq over and over as well as other research on other subreddits and forums
3. I’m not rushing the process, but trying to enjoy it (which I do)
4. I give at least a week between sessions with no release between
5. I do enjoy the process, but would like to take it to the next step
6. I must admit many times I finish a session “manually” because I feel like I need a release to end
7. I know many people here get hfo within days, others after years
8. Poppers and other similar options are not possible at this time
9. I’ve used mindgasm and other tools
10. Not watching porn during sessions, etc.

Are these my only options:
1. Buy other toys (looking at progasm or eupho trident, but I’ve read other posts where buying a ton of toys may not necessarily help)
2. Just keep trying until it happens?

Admittedly i get frustrated but trying to keep an open mind and just “let it happen”. I also know there isn’t 1 golden solution that works for everyone but any additional tips?



  1. It sounds like you are trying too hard. What really helped for me is I found out I was using my muscles wrong the whole time. I felt like pc muscle made my dick bounce and I thought that’s how it was but there is another muscle just behind the balls and perineum that is very very small. It sends nice feelings into my prostate which a “normal” pc flex didn’t. There is a post about it which I will link. I have been trying for 2 years without success and have tried all of the above. I’m using an Aneros Helix trident.

  2. Helix should be fine I thought it was the toy but it was a couple of other things which I’ll note.

    Firstly, make sure your well lubed up squirt a little in you butt so it doesn’t dry out and go for a pee before.

    I like to lie down with knee bent and just relax feeling it inside for as long as I like.

    Then I think about somthing hot, let myself get hard and become aware of the feelings inside before doing any movements.

    When it comes to contractions I just use the muscle that stops my pee and sort of moves your penis slightly. The anus i find moves alittle when doing that contraction. It took me a long time to relise how little you actually need to contract, and if you hammer the contraction eventually your prostate loses sensitivity.

    So like I said, gently and not rapid, keep a rhythmic pace and likewise with you breathing, all of which I find highly important.

    Furthermore, once you have that rhythmic pace and your relaxed don’t focus on the toy inside but, the feelings it creates. While at the same time trying to remain horny, maybe touch you nipples abit as that I find helps. After a while, I begin looking at some porn which is already prepared on my phone. I keep reminding myself to relax my body and mind, to not chase but enjoy how it feels. Occasionally, I go soft but then it comes back and I focus on the wider feelings of my lower area, as it quite hard to pinpoint where the pleasure grows inside. Importantly, focus on the pleasure rather the moving of the toy and keep relaxed, rhythmic and don’t hammer those contraction it cannot be forced.

    I’ve spent about 3 years on and off last two times I’ve done this I found it effective for giving me a super o. I found it feels like your on drugs diffrent from a HFWO. Lastly, don’t forgot orgasoms are from the mind, create the feelings and belive the pleasure you body makes.

  3. Walk away from the Aneros for an indeterminate amount of time. Pick it back up later.

  4. Moved up from the Helix Syn to the Maximus model for the increased fullness feeling, and never looked back… achieving PO’ s and Super O’s (once in awhile) with this model.. have a Progasm model, but find it very hard to get inserted without making my anus area very sore.. good luck

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