Not quite sure what happened..hips rotating (21 male gay)

I have had my aneros (a Progasm) for a few months now, but kind of went off it as I found that when I used it my sessions wouldn’t really go anywhere. However, lately I decided to give it another try, as I had been craving the feeling of it inside me, the point of lying in bed at night and performing random voluntary contractions to remind me of the stimulation of it.

I lubed it up with Boy Butter and inserted it slowly, after teasing my hole with the end of it for a few minutes. Now in general, I would say that I had a good session, but there weren’t any dry orgasms or hfwo. There was a distinct moment where I was watching this gay porno, getting so turned on, that felt like I needed to contract really hard on it, and moving my hips in a circulator motion. There was excitement and definitely some precum, but it wasn’t amounting to anything concret like a dry orgasm or a super orgasm. My main goal is not actually to have a super orgasm, but dry orgasms. There’s a great porn hub video of a guy achieving 36 orgasms and moaning in ecstasy, while he is on all fours and in various different positions. I want the aneros to consume my hole and rewire my brain into craving a new form of sexual ecstasy. I stayed relaxed in the session and focused on thoughts of sex and the videos I was watching, as well as imagining the device inside me – that seemed to be quite a turn on. But I didn’t get anything concrete. I even touched my nipples. It was a good session but I’d love some advice as to how I could maybe have gone further. Also, as a rule, do you avoid taking it out and then putting it back in again? And, lastly, the position of knelling by the bed and arching my body over it appeared to work quite well but I was worried about the device falling out, and my head was not comfortable – I wasn’t sure where to put it essentially. Are there any tips for that position/people who do it that way?



  1. It can be a long game of learning the ins and outs (pun intended;) of Aneros and the prostate. I’ve achieved really good results after more than 10 years of largely nothing. I say this not to scare you but to point out that it can take a while to get the pieces to fit to produce a Super-O.

    Even though I have a couple models of the Progasm and do like them occasionally for the size, I’ve never had a dry orgasm with one. I’ve had the best results with the Eupho. Take this all with a grain of salt since everyone is different and will respond differently.

    How is your PC and sphincter strength and control? My big gains coincided with a strong set of muscles and the ability to control them independently for the most part.

  2. Can you provide a link to that Pornhub video? It sounds… inspiring!

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