The High Island Health 950 has been rocking my world!

Why doesn’t Aneros sell this model!?

Ok so for anyone that doesn’t know, High Island Health is the sister/parent company of Aneros. They only make 2 prostate massagers which are both shorter than any Aneros model.

Well a week ago I decided that I would buy the 950 since I had heard great reviews about it, and I have long suspected that my prostate is closer to my anus than most Aneros toys are designed for. And holy hell this toy has completely changed the game for me. I feel like I’ve gone from constantly feeling like I was right on the edge of orgasm to constantly being in a state of orgasm. No joke. My body is doing things I’ve never experienced before. I’m writhing in pleasure most of the time and my hips are bucking like crazy. And it hardly seems to matter what position I’m in. In fact, during my 2nd session with it I got the craziest urge to change positions from my side to being in all fours like if I was in missionary position, and I’ll be damned if I didn’t have crazy strong orgasms as soon as I switched. I’ve never felt the urge to fully change positions before but it was like my body was telling me what to do.

It’s been a crazy week so far and I’m absolutely loving it. And the best part is that I still know that there’s even more to come. There’s still pleasure to be unlocked and I’m already having incredible orgasms. It’s exciting and awesome and I just wanted to share since this toy is hardly talked about.

So if you’re short (I’m 5’8”) or you suspect that most Aneros toys are too long then I urge you to give the 950 an shot



  1. i’m 5’6 and i’ve been having crazy dry os i can’t fathom what that would do to me if it’s anything like you said 😳

  2. I have the 950 also. I really like the size and shape, it definitely hits the right spot for me.

    That said, despite its relatively small size I find it to be a very …aggressive… device. The edges are a bit sharp (not literally, but if you’ve seen it in person you probably know what I mean). My prostate gets pretty sensitive when I’ve had THC, and after a while even the 950 is too much stimulation and I have to go a-less.

    I can’t help but think if there was a Syn version with slightly softer edges and the silicone skin and less aggressive p-tabs that it would truly be the perfect prostate massager for me.

  3. I ordered one too. Only used it once because the Eupho and now the Helix are rocking my world. Plan on trying again probably tomorrow night.

  4. Does anyone know where to buy one of these outside the US? The shipping is bit on the expensive side when buying directly…

  5. Hi! After years of aneros play I saw your post about the High Island Health 950 and bought one. And I’d personally like to thank you for the suggestion. It definitely has been worth every penny and has given me way more intense sensations than any Aneros model ever has! The only problem for me personally is the perineum tab. It’s way too sharp and is distracting to the point of not allowing me to enjoy the subtle feelings that the “950” elicits. I wish I could take this models design and incorporate the trident series “perineum tabs” into it. I believe then I personally would have the perfect prostate massager!

  6. Someone on another subreddit suggested High Island Health a few weeks back so I bought both the 950 and the PS 2. For the price, I figured “what the hell.”

    The 950 hasn’t done much for me. Granted I played with it once – might need to try it again. The PS 2, on the other hand, BLOWS MY MIND! i don’t know if I’m having Super O’s or anything but I’m at the point in my journey I don’t care, I’m just enjoying the feelings I get and the PS2 is my absolute favorite toy right now. That thing has me moaning and writhing and giving me absolute body quakes. I think that’s why I haven’t busted out the 950 again but I might just have to.

  7. I’ve had a 950 for a while and it never really did much for me until today. I dusted it off and used it at the tail end of my session. Got really horny and had a traditional orgasm and went to remove the 950. My body wouldn’t let go of it! It felt larger than even my Progasm. I left it in and quickly progressed to a Super-O! It felt so wild having a Super-O right after a traditional.

  8. I’m like you- nearly a decade of Aneros use with many of the models in my possession. I’ve always felt like they were hitting a nice spot, but leaving me “right on the edge of orgasm”. Some nice emotional and physical feelings, but none of the mind-bending pleasure that many describe when using the Aneros. I’m 5’10”, average American male, so don’t know if the Aneros is just too long or my anatomy is different. Everybody’s body is unique, right? I’ll give the 950 a whirl though, it’s not too expensive and the responses here seem to be pretty damn positive.

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