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I tried searching the community but i didn’t find anything.

So where am I now? I bought the helix syn and played with it, mostly while watching porn and doing mindgasms. I also do kegels during the day. I also do them at night just to feel the sensation. This is my 4th week playing. In my second week i had an evening where i had 2 nice glowing feelings in my bladder region that emanated further. At that point i felt my pelvic region clench. After that i had similar feelings but much lighter if i do not use the toy and just clench at 30%. Using the toy i now seem to lose any succes. Very weird. I also started using a douche before play and i use coconut oil as lube. Nipple play doesn’t seem to do anything but hearing porn does. What i also did was stop masturbating and that is quite nice to be honest. I just have sex with my wife and anal play the other times. The periods in between the sex are now more fun as i get hornier the longer it takes and that helps the anal play. And if the periods are shorter, we have more sex 😀 win win. Also never did anal things before this and I do not use cannabis, poppers etc etc. Just want to be able to do it without.

So what are my questions.

1) With the toy i try to contract my sphincter to move the toy or my pc muscles but i feel no real movement. I also feel that after 30 min the base of the toy doesn’t really glide anymore. So i’m wondering: When people say “I move the toy around” what does that mean ? Does it go left to right in out turn? I have no clue. And the fact i don’t really feel movement except it going in/out a bit because my sphincter goes in out. Does that mean i have a lube issue or that i just can’t feel the movement yet.

2) Do you move the toy or do you just keep the sphincter/pc contracted at 30%?

3) When people talk about the pc muscle and sphincter fighting how does that feel and how do you identify it.

4) How do you stop needing porn? If is use porn i have more sensations if i do not i seem to lose all feelings. And if i start looking at porn again, back are the feelings :D.

I think that is about it, thank you for any advise.



  1. My experience is one try, but the porn likely is arousing, which engages the prostate to fill more. This makes it easier to excite and find. This is a good thing.

  2. My preference is do nothing method. As i deep breath i get a movement of the toy and pleasure in my body.

    Too much kegeling can cause overtightening of the corpus cacernosum by way of ischialcavernosus muscle hypertonicity.

    Could result in loss of erection strength and endurance as well as hard flaccid penis.

    I try to relax completley or even slightly push out from the rectum.

    Could always alternate.

    I focus on the area between my cock and balls amd mentally think about feeling that spot.

    Increases pleasuure for me.

  3. I recommend no porn, no penis touching at all during Prostate stim. I was in a situation similar to yours. The movement thing…

    I ordered the Paradise set $20. The small one just started moving, felt like it would go in and out a tiny bit, but mostly feels like it is spinning (rotation). I let this happen just feeling it. Like a bystander. Then it grew. It kept growing until I had strong waves, then a Dry Orgasm. After this I tried to keep it going, couldn’t.

    Then not being one to give up easily. I began doing a 40% pull, as if a runway of lights… picture it in you. Pull at opening, then in an inch, then another, another, on and on. Like flashing runway lights (but muscle contraction instead of lights). This pulled the paradise in all the way firmly, then let go completely, then again. I was so close to a super O, but lost it (chasing).

  4. 1) lack of movement w/ specifically the Helix and Eupho is def a lube issue, considering those are meant to move. Get you some Slippery Stuff or Boy Butter. I had the same issue w/ a Helix-like knockoff years ago when using coconut oil. The toy moving only when your sphincter moves may be a sign of poor lubrication, which, in my experience, coconut oil is for this application. It’s supposed to move when your sphincter moves, but it should “slide in” as well.

    I will keep and discussion on “movement” in the realm of the toy physically changing location inside, hands-free. Properly lubed, the toy should slide through your sphincter when you squeeze down due to the taper on the body. The head of toy should slide across your prostate. Relaxing should make the head of toy slide back towards the sphincter and across the prostate again w/o having to “push.”

    Basically, the moving action is mainly in-and-out while kegeling w/ some up-and-down action as the head of the toy slides across the hard prostate. The kegels can be light or strong, doesn’t matter as long as you do full contractions. Probably don’t go too hard or you’ll tense up and lose the orgasm.

    2) All of it! kegels, PC hold, hands-on, doing nothing. It all makes me cum.

    3) This one confuses me. First time i heard that one. Since the time of post was 4wks in, I’ll assume you’re not doing enough kegels. You should be able to get through at least 100 full-range kegels comfortably for multiple sets for consistent p-gasms w/ aneros. Never did mindgasm, but I’d imagine it’d be too distracting for me.

    The only visual i can conjure for “PC and sphincter fighting” would be when the involuntaries start and the PC muscles twitch while your sphincter struggles to keep the toy in. You’ll have to work towards the involuntaries by paying attention to the small twinges of pleasure that occur during p-play and letting them “stack up” and lead to another.

    4) I’ve been able to have p-gasms since adolescense, all while being horny af off porn, but the consistency was sorely lacking until i got my aneros toys this past January. Even in the past, multiple hard p-gasms (HFO or otherwise) followed by rubbing one out, a super-o by itself, or HFWO satisfied me w/o the need for porn, but I’d often have to resort to porn because i just couldn’t hit the p-gasms consistently enough w/ just prostate stimulation.

    I believe the porn was the issue. Grain of salt, but i believe the mind and body have different arousal levels, porn arouses the mind, and the body simply follows. Over-stimulating the mind w/o properly stimulating the body. The arousal levels don’t match enough to cum w/o porn and penile stimulation.

    I’ve started doing semen retention recently, and porn makes that very difficult. Too mentally stimulating, too distracting, makes me wanna rub one out. Dropping the porn made me very horny by day 5, and once day 11 hit, i took out the Progasm Jr and lost my mind. Gotta say, never hit a HFWO on consecutive days before that. Now, the consistent p-gasms weaned me off porn.

    I guess the short answer for #4 is to go cold-turkey and let the ensuing horniness grip you over the next week before putting the Helix in. You’ll realize sooner or later how little you need it while cumming your brains out…hopefully

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