Got my Aneros Tempo

After reading the info here and my request for experiences here.
Thanks guys for sharing !
Yesterday on way home by train….had a stop at Amsterdam CS….walked to the Red Light District to visit a erotic shop where to find the luxury brands toys.
The last Aneros Tempo available was for me.

At 10 pm went to bed to sleep but couldn’t resist the craving to pull this toy inside me.
This small toy slipped inside without lube…while my muscles sucked the Tempo inside on the right spot.

Soon my dick lost drips of precum and the sensation felt good…my prostate felt happy and a bit numb.
Tried different positions….but the best way for me is on my side with legs bent to my body….with slow deep breathing i felt the Tempo humping my pleasure spot.
I really got a hard dick since years…but no orgasm yet.

I felt asleep and awake with the Tempo still inside.
Wondering if i could wear this the whole day….the small base of the Tempo was locked between my buttcheeks.
Walking around in the house i felt the metal touching my prostate.
It would stay inside me because of the shape…but wearing this the whole day makes me aroused.

And walking in public with precum spots on my denim trousers is not really fashionable yet.



  1. Glad you had fun with it 🙂 Although the Tempo isn’t really meant to give prostate orgasms. The Tempo is supposed to sit partially outside the butt and trigger pleasurable contractions in the anus, hopefully resulting in an anal orgasm. It sounds like what you need is a prostate massager. And for wearing around town? That’s what butt plugs are for :p

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