1. I like to use a vibrating 8” dildo and leave it in me tied so it can’t come out

  2. I live vibrating toys! Some toys are a bit overpowered and can desensitize your prostate which is no fun. But staying on a lower setting can actually help rather than hinder your session. I have both of the vibrating Aneros models and love them!

  3. Love my vibrating toys. I agree the lower setting or pulse settings work better for me. Had my first prostate orgasms with vibrating toys.

  4. After 4 yrs I have never had luck with a vibrating toy. However with nonvibratory toys I have had very good success.

  5. After 10 years of frustration with the Aneros line, I finally struck gold with a silicone vibrating toy that simulates both the premium and prostrate simultaneously. That, combined with THC, shot me off into outer space! I’ve had success with it 3 more times since then. Everybody’s body is different though, this is just what worked for me.

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