First time with the Progasm Ice – wow.

I have had the most incredible session this morning. I started off with my Helix Syn to warm myself up for the progasm, I was a little anxious about the size and girth. I’d only planned to use the Helix for half an hour or so until I was properly warmed up but 3 hours later… oops. I was just so relaxed I didn’t want to move, my session was really nice and had a lot of good feelings but nothing ground breaking.

Eventually I sort of came round from my relaxed state and took out the helix, lubed up the progasm which made me very horny all on its own. I love how big and girth it is, it feels so sleek too and I ended up stroking it as if it were my cock. I laid back and pushed it against me, it felt soo big. After a little pushing and more relaxing it eventually slid inside me, but definitely didn’t slip in the way the helix does, this big boy was stretching me and it felt amazing. Feeling it go all the way in was so sexy to me, cold, girthy, slippery goodness filling me up, I was incredibly horny. When it hit my prostate it just felt amazing. I relaxed back and started some deep breathing. First impressions were that I was really going to have to work hard to fully relax around it, I was finding it more difficult now.

My expectations were non-existent with the Progasm Ice since I’d read a lot about people finding it too big or the tabs too uncomfortable, I just wanted to experience it and see for myself.

After around 5 mins deep breathing and relaxing I began to feel this really gentle delicious feeling from the K-tab, something I’ve only experienced once or twice with the helix. I don’t know what it is but it’s nice when it’s sort of nestled inside me. Tickly but pleasant.

After this I started to get some shaking in my legs, not unusual for me and most of the time it doesn’t bring any pleasurable feelings. This time was no different. Leg shaking moved to pelvic shaking and I tried to relax through it but if anything it got more intense. My breathing and heart rate were increasing, but again, no actual pleasure just a lot of quivering and shaking. All of a sudden the shaking stopped and my breathing was back to normal, I felt so relaxed.

The first involuntary contractions started soon after, teasing a little pleasure from my prostate and I amplified this by stroking my nipples. Soon after I was getting some incredible feelings in my ass, from my sphincter all the way up to my prostate. Every little contraction felt amazing. I could feel the blood rushing in that area, or a sort of buzzing sensation, I’m not sure which it actually was. I could feel a twitch in there somewhere too, almost like a fluttering but it was hard to pin point.

The contractions got a little bigger and I could hear the toy moving in and out of me, sort of a wet sex sound. I was getting more and more relaxed, eventually it felt like my brain was underneath my bed while my body was on top of it, sort of looking up at my body and feeling all of the sensations. The contractions stopped, I was so calm and peaceful it felt great. I just laid there in this kind of blissful state for a while. I could feel the beginnings of something in my pelvis, a warm tingle that was growing slowly until it was in my abdomen and my thighs. I just continued breathing and let it flow over me, feeling it continue to grow and grow. Even my head was tingling at this point. The feeling subsided but didn’t go away altogether, a sort of gentle pleasure just sitting on me.

This is where I started to get some new feelings and responses. Usually I never get more than semi-erect at the very most, but suddenly I now had a *very* firm erection that seemed to appear out of nowhere, I could feel that my prostate was fully engorged and throbbing and I could feel my heartbeat in both prostate and cock. Tried to ignore my cock and just focus on my prostate due to previously having HFWO’s spoil sessions. It was impossible to ignore it though, the gentle orgasmic feeling that was slowly working its way up my shaft – turns out it was pre-cum! I never pre-cum, or very little unless I’ve been edging a lot so this was a surprise. I was leaking quite a large amount, certainly more than I’ve ever seen from me, probably a normal amount to some of you gents. My erection disappeared as quickly as it came, which I was a little sad about.

The gentle pleasure was still sitting on my body and I had involuntary contractions again, much stronger than the first set. It felt like the Progasm was sort of rolling/pivoting rather than just going straight in and out. The intense pleasure returned to my ass and prostate and the feeling of pleasure grew in my body, I was moaning now, things were starting to get quite intense. I felt like I was being fucked, each time the Progasm nudged my prostate it was amazing. Suddenly it felt like my body clamped down on the progasm, drawing it in hard, the p-tab was almost impaling me and I thought that this might be the start of some huge orgasm – maybe I scared it away but all of the feelings disappeared and I was left panting on the bed.

Decided that 4 hours + was more than enough for one morning and removed the progasm. Now I’m just laying here with this incredible warm feeling, I feel *so good.* Some pleasurable feelings but mainly this warm fuzzy feeling like I love everything haha.

I apologise for this mega ramble but I had to write it down somewhere!



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  2. Also – I have no idea what to call these feelings, does anyone else have the same thing? People talk about all different kinds of orgasms and I don’t really know if I’ve had any orgasms or if they’re just pleasurable sensations.


    Maybe I just need to experience them more.

  3. I’ve not a super o yet… Ut I’ve found that the Progasm works more for me when I have a hard on (no very often in anal play sessions)

    With a bone I feel like the prostate vanishes up towards my dick more or something… Becomes harder to reach with the smaller ones

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