tips for someone who feels like they’re really close to prostate O, but just can’t seem to “get there”

For a bit of context, i’ve been using aneros devices off and on for a couple of years now (bought my first model roughly 4 to 5 years ago).

There wasn’t too much to be felt pleasure-wise which basically led to a pattern of me picking it up for a little and then putting it back down when I didn’t feel like any real progress was being made.

I picked it up once again around late 2021 with the intention of practicing more frequently. I would have sessions maybe once a week or so but increased that to 3-4 per week over the past 4-5 months up to now. In that time i’ve made great progress but just can’t seem to get over the hump or make it to the next milestone if you will.

My sessions usually last 2 hours and I tend to opt for the “do nothing” method. During a good session I will sometimes experience some very good and strong p-waves, feel pleasure through my body and just genuinely enjoy my sessions from start to finish. I’m still learning the ropes and working on identifying what i’m feeling in each moment but I think I may have had a small anal orgasm during my last session which was pleasant, but I don’t think i’ve had a prostate orgasm yet. During the more intense sessions/waves, my body will start to feel super light almost as if i’m being lifted out of my body but it only lasts for a moment. At first it was scary but now i’m familiar with it and have learned to let go and enjoy. All of what was just mentioned pretty much sums up my sessions lately and I just want to see if there are any changes I could make (mental or physical) to maybe boost my results and take myself to the legendary super O.

I understand that I shouldn’t chase the orgasm and instead just enjoy the overall experience (which has been my mindset lately) however I can’t help but feel like i’m right there and like the orgasms keep eluding me ever so slightly during play.

I’m new to the subreddit and this is my first post so I was just hoping to get some tips, pointers or just general feedback from some of the more experienced/advanced users who may have been in the same situation at one point or another during their journey. I plan on having a session tonight and am excited to see if I can find some advice and put it to use! (:



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  2. Will post updates of my progress on my path to super O on the sub as I continue to practice more! Thank you to anyone who takes the time to comment and help!

  3. it sounds like you’re doing the right stuff. I have a small [post]( on this stuff, which might help you a bit. But essentially it comes down to staying in the moment and not setting expectations. The more you want it, the harder is it to get there, unfortunately. But if you keep on trying, it will eventually hit and hit BIG. It might be when you least expect it.

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