Need help, where to start

So I got myself an aneros because I wanted to experiment with prostate play and I know it takes super long for your body to adapt but I’m not sure where to actually start. I got a non vibrating plastic one and it says to put it in but within 30 min I get bored and take it out because I have a hard time focusing. I can’t use weed so that’s off the table. What approaches can I take?



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  2. You’ll have to do something to make the session arousing and keep the boredom from setting in. It’s a sensual practice in its own right so try to get into it with that mindset. Also using really chill relaxation music might help.

  3. Play with your nipples a little bit. If you never feel anything from them normally, this can really wake them up.

    And just concentrate on diaphragmatic breathing. Breathing in so that your belly pushes up. This helps everything relax. And try to notice tiny feelings. Like tiny! These will eventually grow the more you notice them

  4. Pal, I am very same like you, to avoid boredom I watch porn and do not touch penis but focus on the sensations coming from the back.
    Keep in mind that at some point, when your hormones kick in and you feel aroused, you need the willforce to shut off the porn and continue solely with the Aneros in. Also, if you clench too much you might end up with HFWO which for so many of us is undesirable on the learning process to SuperO.
    Not sure if this is an advice or I am leading you to the wrong direction because you are supposed to surrender to your body’s reactions rather than controlling it and distract with porn, if that makes sense.

  5. When I first started not a lot happened. But doing kegels and feeling more comfortable really helped.

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