A slight problem?

So, i have been trying to have a prostatitis orgasm for years with hardly any luck. I recently talked to someone about it to get advice. I was asked if I am able too feel were my prostate is located. And come to think of it no, I cannot really. I have searched with fingers for a while in the passed. Never found it. However, I never really thought about it. I did mention that, I have a spot right near the entrance. It’s squishy, like a sponge, and slightly divided in. He told me, my prostate is hiding.

What he tole me, is to use my abs when I’m doing p play. Jason anyone heard of this before? This b explains so much.

On a side note, I don’t really pre anything. I think that maybe why. Any notes, ideas or questions lllet me know.

I will say i do remember, a long while ago, I squirted when playing with that spot. I think a bunck of pre or senimal fluid came out. I did this with my fingers.

I would love to hear people’s feedback on this matter 😊🙂

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  2. A great way to find its location is to insert a finger as far in as you can and then have a traditional ejaculation. You’ll feel it swell and get really hard at the point of no return and pulsate throughout the ejaculation.

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