Standing at the top but thinking “what now?”

so i’ve recently just had my first super o and now i’m trying new things and wanting too find new things that might interest me.

I’ve been capable of having multiple penile dry o’s and now i’m able too have mini os (anal) and dry penile orgasms back to back while masturbating. it’s very amazing since i love when my dick is teased (tho it still “cums”) and only my ass is getting that “release” . it’s like my dick is literally begging too ejaculate and watching ass my get what it needs.

As good as this sounds i still feel like it’s not enough. I still feel like as a whole i’m missing that satisfaction. For so long i wanted a super o or any type of prostate orgasm and now that i achieved that i want more lol not that it wasn’t satisfying but i know i’m capable of even greater pleasure. I get great sensations out of my nipples, they are always part of masturbation, but i never achieved orgasm from them.

I also have the njoy wand and this has become my “anal masturbation”. what i mean is i usually stay plugged all day. then when i go to have some fun i’ll use the njoy wand and go too town. i’ll add masturbation with this of course not ending in ejaculation.

24 year old Discovers his ticklish prostate and finds Super O/SYN V Review

so the other day i was home alone, wife had dr.s appointment and took our daughter, so i decided too have an aneros session before taking a nap. i already had the Syn V in but it had died an hour before so i took it out and put the edge 2 in.

Now, i’ve cut back ALOT on porn, it’s way too distracting during these sessions so i just play with my nipples. I’ve been teasing my self with the Syn V all week and once in a while in the shower i use the edge 2. Now a little review of the Syn V: as of now i believe this is my favorite plug, it definitely imo trumps the helix trident just because of the vibrations. For me, it tickles my rectum and a little of my prostate!!!! if you never had these places tickled or are not ticklish here, MAN what an experience too miss out on (not belittling anyone, of course!) and it’s very comfortable too wear and the vibes don’t leave me desensitized.

During the session, my prostate was already been teased due to the prior days of wearing the syn v, so the edge already had my knees shaking(On my back). I was getting Pwaves FAST. diddled with my Nipples and the Pwaves were getting more intense as they rolled in. I don’t know how long i was doing this, I mean i was really into it just relaxing and letting whatever feelings come have their way with me. At a point, the edge 2 was revving hard at the “sweet spot” motor. Now like i said, for days the syn v was “tickling” my sweet spot and i gotten quite fond and familiar with it. The edge 2 thought definitely of that kind of sensation . It sought too turn all that tickling into raw sexual energy.

24 yr old male First post, would like some outside feed back on my prostate/anal orgasm journey


Im gonna try and keep this shorted possible, but will make other detailed posts about my journey later on. So i’ve been experimenting with anal for about 2 years. I started with Aneros and since i’ve gotten 6 other models, a dildo to ride, a pure wand a hismith sex machine. Early on in my journey with the Aneros Helix, i think i’ve had some p-waves whereas i would feel strong sensations that would originate from my pc muscles and then spread throughout my body. For a while this was all that would happen, which was amplified when combined with nipple play. Then a big milestone (in my opinion) happened. During a few of my sessions, whenever I felt a big wave coming i also felt like i might ejaculate (which is not what i’m going for, i want dry orgasms) i would stop, scared i would cum or lose my self in please, but one day , during a session i let it happened because why not? If i ejaculate id get an amazing orgasm, so it’s a win. so I let myself go and too my pleasurable surprise, i squirted! it was clear and it was a lot ALOT. Like i thought i peed but it wasn’t and it was sooooo pleasurable (idk if i’d say orgasm tho) but i was laughing so much after out of pleasure. i believe this happened a total of 5-6 times in my journey.