Standing at the top but thinking “what now?”

so i’ve recently just had my first super o and now i’m trying new things and wanting too find new things that might interest me.

I’ve been capable of having multiple penile dry o’s and now i’m able too have mini os (anal) and dry penile orgasms back to back while masturbating. it’s very amazing since i love when my dick is teased (tho it still “cums”) and only my ass is getting that “release” . it’s like my dick is literally begging too ejaculate and watching ass my get what it needs.

As good as this sounds i still feel like it’s not enough. I still feel like as a whole i’m missing that satisfaction. For so long i wanted a super o or any type of prostate orgasm and now that i achieved that i want more lol not that it wasn’t satisfying but i know i’m capable of even greater pleasure. I get great sensations out of my nipples, they are always part of masturbation, but i never achieved orgasm from them.

I also have the njoy wand and this has become my “anal masturbation”. what i mean is i usually stay plugged all day. then when i go to have some fun i’ll use the njoy wand and go too town. i’ll add masturbation with this of course not ending in ejaculation.

Has anyone else reached this plateau? Tho in hindsight it hasn’t even been a week lol but i feel like this is where i am. Again not that it’s bad but more of “what now????” i’m still enjoying all of this, I just want too go further and would appreciate some advice.



  1. Enjoy standing at the top my man. Life goals right there for a lot of guys

    Practice contentment and mindfulness. Maybe take a break and come back to it

    Still fairly early in my journey so I can’t help you ultimately

  2. Expand your repertoire; try new things. Maybe try out estim, or something similar?

  3. There are other routes you can try like KSMO (Key Sound Multiple Orgasm) and other tantric techniques

  4. damn this some philosophical shit

    u could try erotic hypnosis, its a cool and kind of unique way to feel sexual pleasure

  5. Well, now you do it without any toys or porn. Or actually you **can** forget all about sex and go do other shit 😀

    When I dabble in some experimentation, it’s not that often, it’s looking for porn or thinking of fantasies that get me aroused most. It’s a dangerous territory though, because you might get an idea to act out some fantasies that are better ignored. Most of the time fantasy is as good as it gets, you like what fantasy does to you and not actually what it means…

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