Can achieve dry O, but how to reach hands-free ejaculation?

Hi there. Longtime lurker here. 29 years old and have been exploring prostate play for a decade. The first toy I ever bought was a pink vibrating Aneros when I was 19. They don’t even sell the model anymore, but it was far too big for my first toy. A couple years later, I experienced my first and only hands-free wet orgasm to date. I was riding my boyfriend’s dick and suddenly just came hands-free. I started looking into hands-free orgasms at that point and purchased the Aneros helix. I have had dry orgasms on a couple of occasions since then, maybe about 4 times, but I’ve never cum from it. Last night I got really close. My eyes were closed, and I had the most amazing orgasm. I could feel all my muscles contracting and my cock was pulsing. It felt really amazing. The feelings came and went for a couple of minutes, but I never opened my eyes because I didn’t want to be pulled out of my orgasm. Once the feelings died down, I opened my eyes expecting to see multiple loads of cum running down my cock, but there was just a small amount of precum.

I feel like I’m on the track to reach hands-free ejaculation, but I’m not sure what to do. Any tips or suggestions? Should I just keep going? It took me probably an hour to get to the point of dry orgasming and I was pretty tired at that point, but I really want to reach hands-free ejaculation.



  1. I’m in the same situation. Would like now and then to finish session with HFWO, but all I get is dry orgasms. Finishing off in the traditional way with Aneros inserted is the best I can do and it feels great. Who says we shouldn’t do that because it interferes with rewiring?

  2. I had a hands free the other day with a dildo but it felt like a normal orgasm it was my first and kinda discouraging if I’m being honest I mean it’s hyped up but like what did I just do something wrong or is it a lie

  3. I’m the opposite, I’m able to cum handsfree, wet orgasm, but not dry one lol

  4. I think I can get those feelings with direct anal/prostate stimulation and it’s always precum. It’s not something I’m looking for or am particularly fond of.

    I am baffled by wet orgasms though, I can only assume it is by reaching point of no return and having some kind of regular climax. I can’t get there without actually touching or some kind of cheating (accidental touch, stimulation by electric devices or other methods). Some people seem to be able to mentally do this touchless though and it is documented on video and I doubt they cheated.

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