Had an amazing session last night, but need some advice

I had a FANTASTIC ride last night. I smoked a little (probably a tad more than I should’ve tbh lol ) and I had my emerald DS poppers ready. I inserted the MGX and turned on my side both legs bent. I could immediately feel a bit of pleasure. Started doing some VERY light contractions of the PC muscle only, and I feel a buzzing start and get more powerful with every contraction. Soon my prostate felt like it had swollen up to the size of a baseball and I was in ecstasy for about an hour before I decided to end things by jacking off. But it was a surreal experience after the initial few contractions I felt waves start come and go on their own. At one point I sat up to take a sip of water and a wave started when I was taking a drink lol

This was really amazing because I had started to lose faith in the aneros massager it hadn’t done much for me until last night, and I was starting to think it was some sort of hoax. But after what happened last night, I’ll be keeping it haha

The reason I say it might have been too much is because when I would get REALLY into it I would feel my heart pound and go a Lil lightheaded and this kinds scared me so I would tone it down a bit. Anyone experienced this before? Should I continue? Was I right to hold back?

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  1. I’ve had the heart pounding thing too and as far as I’m aware, that’s the very beginning of a prostate orgasm from what I’ve heard. If you carry on down that path, that’s pgasm land

  2. Pure Nirvana… the Promised Land… congratulations… you did the Work, and it paid dividends

  3. Thanks you guys! I appreciate your comments. I’ll just let my body and the massager do whatever it wants next time. 🙂

  4. I get the light headed feeling,from what little I know prostate massage involves the vagus nerve which is like the main switch box in your house.

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