A beginner that discovered a jump pad to great sessions with my Progasm.

First the disclaimer, I’ve only been serious about this journey for about couple of months. My fist toy was the Progasm and love it but wanted to experience other toys and see what they have to offer. I also bought an Edge 2. Last night I was extremely horny after watching porn on and off all day and been abstinence for about a week I went a different route and it paid off big. This route is something that I haven’t really seen talked about yet so I figure if anyone is struggling they can have a different play to try to get them into the red zone. So he is my break down.

* Frist I had a couple of beers, nothing crazy or heavy. Just enough to relax me. I’m one of the lover drunks so it helps boost my libido. Don’t over do it because I have found that I’m either too tired or I’m trying harder to focus on my rhythm which just doesn’t pan out.
* Instead of going small to to large I went the opposite way. I have a 8″ dildo that I went to town with and I discovered couple of pros to it.
* I can get my physical energy spent before swapping to mental. More on this later.
* It helped me pin point my prostate and focus on what kind of pressure helped. I would jerk off a little to stimulate my prostate and was able to find the spot easily. Take one of those flashlights that charge when you shake it back and forth. Not too much but just enough to illuminate your way in the dark.
* Plunging it deep into me help ‘pave’ the way for my Progasm knowing now the highway has been cleaned and inspected with a testing rod. After an hour and periodically checking the dipstick I was confident that my Prograsm wan’t to come out with any friends.
* Getting a quick prostate milk session in gave me hope I was on the right track and right mind set.
* After about 30-40minutes and just having a blast you have to the self-discipline not to finish the job and start the transition to mental. Or if you still have energy then continue burning it off.

After getting my energy out of my body and laid down in my favorite position. My position is flat on back with my butt to my couch with my legs laying on the couch cushions. And my head on a pillow. When I’m finally settled down I have also noticed that my prostate is swollen from the pre-game that my Prograsm has far more pressure and the spot is a lot more sensitive to the toy. So that was my experience that I wanted to show and now what I felt is something I have never felt before.

I stared my contractions with my PC and Base muscle and after around 10 minutes or so I was feeling the warm and stomach contractions that were stronger than my previous sessions. The sensation was so powerful that I kept losing my breath and holding it. Still working on that. My new sensation and I’m hoping a veteran can chime in here. But with my, I assume a (P-Gasm or P-Wave), I still don’t know the difference yet so I’ll call it a P-Wave. Back to my P-Wave at the climax I can only explain by this clip from the show [DragonBall Z]([https://youtu.be/dfqpDgOteN0?t=44](https://youtu.be/dfqpDgOteN0?t=44)). That feeling once getting the ball of energy inside my core it exploded and I, well I don’t remember outside of my ears ringing. I only experience the energy explosion once but I was able to replicate the same process 4 more times until I had to get to bed. All during these P-Waves I constantly had the urge to pee, as in the head of my penis felt like there was something that wanted to come out. I already had pre-cum dripping almost non-stop at this point. I honestly didn’t want to stop until I got to experience that body seizure bliss but I feel that I am going in the right direction.



Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/aneros/comments/op3q0u/a_beginner_that_discovered_a_jump_pad_to_great/


  1. Awesome! Love how Progasm fills and presses hard on P as I go crazy. Thanks for sharing and happy riding!

  2. This all points to basic prostate stimulation (hence the precum). Be careful not to make yourself sore, to me this all sounds very deliberate and a bit heavyhanded but I prefer not using toys. I personally would not engage in it more than a few minutes, it is interesting but not in the right direction. To each their own but to me sign of the right way is a strong involuntary erection.

    Also after those beers you probably wanted to pee for real, especially if you were pressing on the bladder too.

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