Help! Feel like giving up

I am tempted to give up and stop trying, but I am also wanting to continue on my journey. The problem is that progress is so slow and I’m spending so much time on something I’m still not sure is real and I’m missing out on other areas of pleasure, but I still am fascinated about the idea that there might be more out there to discover if what others are saying is true and achievable for me. Any advice would be SO appreciated!



  1. Prostate orgasm is very real, have no doubt about that. I believe it is the very pinnacle of male sexual/physical pleasure. Don’t give up, the rewards are incredible!

  2. I am just going to copy and paste what I posted earlier today to someone else:

    First, exercise your PC muscles daily for at least 2 weeks (5 min a day is enough) You’re going to need them to work the toy. (Google kegel exercises for more info. You do not need the toy in to do them.)

    Before using your toy, get yourself nice and aroused first. (I actually stimulate my penis for this part dispite what the majority here say. I have the self control not to go to far and I can stop once the aneros is in.) Your prostate is not a magic button and won’t be sensitive until you are really turned on. It also swells with fluid making it easier to find.

    Insert the aneros with the tip of the head facing toward your front side. Use plenty of lube. (Read up on anal prep if anal play is new to you.)

    Find a comfortable position for you. The toy needs to be free to move so you can’t be sitting upright. I recline in a recliner and bend my knees up. Some people lay on their side or belly.

    Final step: Squeeze you PC and sphincter muscles about 80% of maximum. Slowly release your PC muscles while maintaining your sphincter. At some point, the toy will kind of flutter gently. When it does maintain this pressure in your PC and sphincter while trying to relax the rest of your body.

    It will take some time to get used to it, but your body should start to tense up. Try to relax while marinating your PC and sphincter. Try to purposely not tense up or orgasm, but let your body spasm if it does.

    At some point, you’ll completely relax all muscles including your sphincter and PC. You should be able to go further the next time before completely relaxing. Learn to enjoy riding these waves. An orgasm is not the goal. The more you practice, the more you’ll learn where your “sweet spot” is and you’ll be able to ride these cycles much faster.

    Check out for some help.

  3. i just had my first prostate orgasm the 15th of this month after hitting a week after my 2 year mark. you can’t chase it. maybe try gooning with a massager in. it’s not wrong too touch your dick, just don’t ejaculate. Gooning helped me with dry penile orgasms and once i achieved that , a few months later i had my first prostate orgasm. it most likely won’t be that way for you but don’t be scared too experiment it’s a journey

  4. Learn how to move the aneros… then step up to larger size and learn nipple play…. Read the advice here and on Prostate Play… gotta do the Work to succeed… ask the Guru of PO’s your questions, one reeddoubler…Cheers… took me a few years on & off… now I achieve Nirvana in 10-15 mins from the start..

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