Kegel exercises

What should I be doing to train my muscles daily? Should I be doing long holds or quick bursts? PC or sphincter muscle or both?

Help! Feel like giving up

I am tempted to give up and stop trying, but I am also wanting to continue on my journey. The problem is that progress is so slow and I’m spending so much time on something I’m still not sure is real and I’m missing out on other areas of pleasure, but I still am fascinated about the idea that there might be more out there to discover if what others are saying is true and achievable for me. Any advice would be SO appreciated!

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For those who subscribe to mindgasm… Once you make it to lesson 6 do you still go back and use the first 1-5 lessons? Do you use the aneros with lesson 6 even though it says you don’t need it?

Another lube question…

I know there have been a lot of posts about lube but they all kind of say the same thing and don’t really answer my questions. How much is the aneros device supposed to actually move?? Are you supposed to actually feel it moving or is it so subtle that you can’t really feel it? I feel like I’m using a lot of lube but I don’t really feel it moving, even during my best sessions. I’ve never tried a lube launcher, are these worth it? Thanks in advance!

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