Another lube question…

I know there have been a lot of posts about lube but they all kind of say the same thing and don’t really answer my questions. How much is the aneros device supposed to actually move?? Are you supposed to actually feel it moving or is it so subtle that you can’t really feel it? I feel like I’m using a lot of lube but I don’t really feel it moving, even during my best sessions. I’ve never tried a lube launcher, are these worth it? Thanks in advance!



  1. I use a lube applicator a few times before insertion and it’s definitely worth it! I use the smallest aneros so yeah it does move a lot, not too sure about the more standard sized ones like the Helix, but I imagine it moves less.

  2. If you use coconut oil you can break off cubes and the put it in the freezer for a moment. It makes it easy to pop in. If you want a lube shooter, you can just use a 5 or 10ml medicine syringe. Most pharmacies will give them to you free.

  3. I switched a while ago to coconut oil. I also put it in with a lube shooter which helps a lot. Coconut oil for me lasts a lot longer and helps the toy move better with the involuntaries.

  4. I would say vicosity is more important than quantity,wet is wet and your anus will squeeze the excess anyway.I like my homemade beeswax olive oil recipe.

  5. A lube shooter is totally worth it.
    For lube I use the tenga hole lotion real (red). it’s water based.

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