Help, need some tips and technique

Hello, I need some tips and some info to achieve super O. I using Helix Syn. I have a very weird and funny sensation and pleasure, its very difficult to describe the feeling but its abit tingly and warm sensation around my lower stomach area, but it always just stuck there and cant go any further, ended up I need to jerk off to finish my session

what should I do to help improve to achieve prostate orgasm? thanks alot!
(sorry for my English)



  1. Do the work… read the Posts and Aneros blogs… stick it in and work the PCs thru kegels… get experimental… and the #1 rule, do touch your pecker…practice and knowledge will get you there… intense PO’s every session now… I’m becoming an addict…

  2. If you can refrain from the jerk you will most likely be rewarded.I would try that and limit your sessions to 3 a week.Having said that I don’t like to go longer than 10 days without [ejaculating.](https://ejaculating.Got)I know others disagree were all different and besides got to keep Grandma happy.

  3. Exercise your PC muscles a few minutes every day for a couple of weeks.

    Your prostate does not start off sensitive. You need to get fairly aroused first. This will make your prostate swell and become much more sensitive. You can jerk off normally for warmup, just don’t cum.

    Technique: Squeeze your PC and sphincter muscles about 80% (this is why kegel exercising is important.) Slowly release your PC muscles while maintaining your sphincter. At some point, you’ll feel the toy flutter (be sure you did your warmup.) Maintain this pressure while trying to relax mentally. You should start to feel your other muscles tense up, do your best to keep them relaxed.

    You’ll go through a cycles of tensing and releasing with each tense getting more and more stronger. At some point, it may feel like too much and you’ll completely relax all muscles. Just repeat the process as much as you want.

    Don’t worry about trying to force any feelings. Learn to enjoy the sensation of tensing and relaxing. If you ever feel like you’re going to cum, don’t focus on it, keep trying to relax. It will happen on its own.

    Your initial goal should just be to build muscle memory for the “sweet spot” that makes the toy flutter. The less you have to consciously think about the proper tension, the easier the whole process will be. Try for getting started. Most people recommend not ejaculating for 3 days for a little extra help.

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