I’m 20 years old and I bought the Aneros about a month ago

I first got the Aneros because I feel like my penis is getting less and less sensitive due to jerking off too much so I want to experiment with prostate orgasms (i heard of it from somewhere). Little did I know, I stumbled upon a tool to get MMO (Im already aware of this from Mantak Chia but I never thought a toy could enhance/facilitate the process)

My first session was great. I felt the peeing sensation and even had a bit of precum.

My second session I dripped a lot of precum while humping something.

My fourth to sixth (session today) have been stagnant.

I want to know if maybe my sphincter and PC muscles are too strong hence it takes forever for them to quiver and tire out?

Ive always had some good feeling, even small orgasms from urinating way before my purchase of the Aneros

Today in my 6th session, I turned on meditation music and tried clenching 60 seconds at a time. But my muscles never seemed to tire out.

I tried the relax and do nothing approach and breathe deeply but I end up losing my grip of the Aneros.

Im not frustrated, I might be chasing the orgasm too hard maybe. But I’m getting increasingly frustrated not just because I cant get to the orgasm, but it seems like my first few sesssions were good and my progress is reversing.

I read on the Aneros wiki that 20 year olds may need to have more arousal but my libido is pretty high.

Mentally, its hard to focus on the breathing and the pc clenching, but Ive experienced an anal orgasm long before I knew what the Aneros was from deep breathing exercises

I would appreciate any tips because I wont be able to use the Aneros much more when school commences in September.

Thanks in advance!

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  1. Gotta work it…lay on your back with Butt on the bed, pressing down on the bed and grind your hips in circular / up & down motions… that should help kick start the pwaves… lightly draw the aneros inside you, then pull it stronger inside you… go back and forth… rub your nipples and get them into play..refrain from playing with yourself at all costs.. when I was 20, once I started touching myself, It became a wank session quickly, at least 2-3 times a day…just concentrate on the internal massaging of the aneros on the prostate.. takes a lot of times and sessions, but you gotta do the work..

  2. Try contracting and holding your sphinctre and pc muscles super lightly. See how low you can get before fully relaxing. Then hold it at that level right before relaxing. I feel this causes more fatigue than a super hard clench. You have to be more precise and the muscles aren’t used to that. It’s one of the things that has worked for me. Your milage my vary.

    Edit: I learned a lot of my muscle control from mindgasm.net. I tone down the contraction strength compared to the lessons though.

  3. What’s worked for me (64 years old) is the do nothing méthode. Breathing very deeply, very very very light volunteer contractions and nipple play when the first mini O’s were produced.

  4. Wow well done — if your first session felt great that definitely bodes well for your future sessions with the Aneros!

    What you want to try and focus on now is distinguishing between your anal sphincter contractions and your PC muscle contractions. This is crucial. It is hard as a beginner because it feels like one big muscle. But the more experienced you get the easier and more natural it becomes.

    Then you want a contraction of the anal sphincter to automatically lead to a contraction of the PC muscle with or without the Aneros, a kind of rolling effect or “wave” if you will. That way, when you use the Aneros one voluntary contraction automatically gives rise to an involuntary contraction; at some point this generates more and more pleasure so your body does it all automatically.

    Your high libido is definitely an advantage. Horniness is vital to having pleasurable sessions especially at the beginning. When you are really aroused, your prostate swells and becomes more sensitive, making the contractions with the Aneros much more pleasurable.

    (I bought the Aneros when I was 18 for much the same reasons you did. Although it’s taken me a good few years to achieve the Super-O, the secondary/side benefits of using the Aneros regularly are fantastic. The improved strength and tone of your sphincter and PC muscle make you shoot further and bigger loads and have more intense penile orgasms too. Enjoy and good luck!)

  5. For me, the key to reaching orgasms – quickly – is to bring attention to a third set of muscles – the ones MindGasm calls the “too muscle”. I call them the “inner jockstrap” because they support the prostate directly. That means they’re touching it ;-p

    I start with attention on the anal sphincter and hold a very light contraction, just enough to create some sensation. Then I bring attention to the PC zone and hold a light contraction there. This combination gets some fluttering going for me. Then I find the inner jockstrap, and once my attention on it, I feel the buzz (the urge to pee) deep in my groin.

    Once that’s activated, I go along for the ride, letting the involuntaries build, adding a few intentional light contractions of the rosebud and PC to pump the action higher. But what drives me to orgasm – and keeps me there for as long as I can take it – is holding attention to the feelings, especially on that inner jockstrap.

    With this method, I’ve been getting to orgasm 3-5 minutes after insertion. I should note that I always take a “mandatory piss” right after insertion, which connects the plug to those 3 muscle groups.

    My organs typically last 15-20 minutes and I do 2 or 3 with 5-minute rests with the plug still in there. After a rest, it only takes about 1 minute to resume orgasm.

    For me, a session typically begins with Peridise, then Helix or Eupho, then Progasm Jr. Sometimes I add Progasm at the end.

  6. What worked best for me was having regular sessions, every day for like a week. Try not to masturbate either. You’ll very quickly begin to learn what contractions feel good and what kind of sensations you can generate. The other key is to let the pleasure you feel “wash over you” and grow. Don’t force it – it’s usually subtle for most of the ride, until it suddenly isn’t.

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