Kinda frustrated now

I do have successful aneros orgasms and orgasms from playing with the njoy wand but it just ends up making me super horny afterwards and I inevitably end up jerking off to release all that sexual energy.

I started prostate play partly because I dont want to ejaculate from penis orgssm anymore (not as satisfying), but the horniness after a session just makes it difficult to not jerk off.

Any advice on either having a session and end up not being ballsy horny after it?

Weird thing happened while jerking off

So i was jerking off to help to try and get some sleep but I was doing it passively instead of going as fast as I can.

And my core started convulsing and I felt my prostate contract and even had some tiny p waves as I was doing this.

Has anything like this happened to you before?

Is this a me thing or is it just a coincidence?

I jerked off and ejaculate via penile orgasm couple hours (12 hours ish) before my aneros sessions and my sessions turn out to be good.

Some people here say to let the prostate fluid build up for an aneros session

Just weird that I find ejaculating and emptying out the fluid helps me to concentrate more on prostate orgasm (if i go on nofap for a period of time Im more tempted to penile orgasm instead)

Just curious if some of you feel the same way?

A realization I had as I had a mini prostate orgasm

I was watching porn of a girl reaching nipple orgasm as I had an Aneros in my ass.

I made a profound and beautiful realization of how anal play and nipple play unites both genders and both girls and guys can experience the same pleasures.

Versus the narrative that girls have better and longer orgasms this realization has made me feel proud of myself (and you should be too, straight guys especially) of being open minded and trying out prostate/nipple play to experience better pleasures than the penile orgasm shoved to us by media all the time.

Update on my Aneros progress

A few days ago i asked a question about my pelvis convulsing up and down involuntarily.

I had the same today so I kept playing with my nipples giving quicker and quicker stimulation. Then i start to have coregasms and my torso started moving like I had a xenomorph egg about to hatch.

Oh, and I also involuntarily moaned as I went up while convulsing

Not really THAT pleasurable but my body had a mind of its own lol. I also came a bit in my underwear too.

P.S. can anyone with experience please identify/classify what I went through?

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Had my first nipple induced prostate orgasm today

In the morning Had my aneros in my ass. Was rubbing my nipples and watching a bit of porn then suddenly my pelvis convulsed up and i had a mini orgasm.

Checked my underwear n it was wet. Didnt touch my dick btw

Also penile ejaculated the night before

Also, what does it mean when my pelvis is involuntarily going up and down with the aneros in my ass? How does this proceed into a super O?

Question about sex toy

I’m trying to find and buy a sex toy (like a dildo) to stimulate my prostate to orgasm by manual moving my dildo.

May I ask help if there is a particular dildo shape/model I should be looking for?

Is the Aneros progasm worth it?

I’m considering buying a real aneros instead of using my knockoff toy, would it make a big difference?

And if I were to buy an Aneros, which model would be most likely to help me achieve super O?