Full body orgasms

I know that i’m not supposed to mention traditional penile orgasms so mods feel free to take down this post if it breaks the rules.

From making progress with my aneros, I personally can now dry orgasm on demand and I can also have localized prostate orgasms from penile stimulation.

But have any of you guys been able to have a full body dry orgasm from penile stimulation?

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  1. I can now have dry penile orgasms. It took quite a while to learn it. I wouldn’t say they’re full body yet but definitely on par now with a wet ejaculation orgasm. To be honest I think prostate play helped to compliment learning them cause my prostate orgasms are always dry. At least with the exception of a lot of prostatic fluid. I would keep them both to different days so you can continue to wake up your prostate. 👍

  2. Yep, i am able to have full body orgasms from penile stimulation. It’s something i’ve learned during my aneros sessions and books. I need to be very relaxed and vary calm but i can experience them relatively easy. At first they were still localized at the genital areas, but with practice they spread all over my body. I find penile multiple full body orgasms especially interersting as you can use a “trick” to get to them. With prostate stimulation one needs to be relaxed and calm to begin with or else the subtle sensations are surpressed but with peniles you can go exactly to the edge without any special relaxation techniques and once you reach the edge you start to relax.

  3. When I masturbate traditionally I edge for about an hour or two. During that time, the pleasure continuously builds. It eventually reaches a point where I have to moan during each stroke with heavy breathing. Then I stop to prevent myself from going over. Start up again, moan with pleasure, stop, repeat until I accidentally cum. During my really good fap sessions (not often), I can feel the pleasure radiating/tingling throughout my entire body. Those are absolutely amazing. So much so that the orgasm I feel from cumming at the end is WORSE than the pleasure i feel as I’m stroking.

    I have not had a dry o or a super o from aneros or anything of that nature, but it’s my belief that the continuous dry orgasms that people report are exactly the same as my good edging sessions… except I wont have to stop for a few seconds at a time to not go over the edge.

  4. It’s an interesting topic because I don’t know what is necessarily classed as a full body orgasm. My answer might not apply to you because I haven’t had p gasms yet.

    For instance, although I’ve never had a prostate orgasm, since starting with prostate play, from edging I can have orgasms that hit as tingling across my body, like a pulse of pins and needles almost. Then the local feelings of ejaculation begin afterwards. Also, if I continue stimulation whilst ejaculating, I can cause that cross body tingling to stay for longer and even invoke some fairly intense feelings around the groin/abs area.

    To me, this is something different than I had before I began p play. I’m pretty sure p play is what unlocked this for me, but I’m not sure why. Since it isn’t localised, involves much of my body etc I’d consider it some kind of whole body orgasm that I have through stimulation of my penis.

    But is it the type of whole body orgasm I’m hoping to experience through p play? Well, my old FWB described her orgasms to me as feeling pleasure everywhere in her body, like she’s nothing but pleasure. That’s why i got into p play, to eventually experience some level of pleasure that’s akin to that.

    So do I experience full body orgasms through penile stimulation, I’d say yes. But are they the holy grail we’re all after? I really doubt it. But hopefully it’s a good sign for me that I’ve had these changes to my normal orgasms before even having had any pgasms.

  5. Oh yes, after rewiring just barely touching my cock sets off multiple intense whole-body prostate orgasms!

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