1. Yeah that peeing feeling, is it jus in the beginning? I find exercise or some light walking around the block and physically stretching low back muscles and leg muscles hip and glutes
    Also as a warmup,
    there is no wrong way, what works for me, maybe not work for you, maybe mediation before,

  2. Get a throw for your bed. We got one to keep sex stuff from getting onto our comforter. They make them for pets, but they work well for mating human animals as well. The one we got from Amazon was sixty bucks for a queen sized bed.

  3. Try breaking through that feeling? Maybe in the tub. Heard that what comes next after the sensation is the super o. Never happened to me through. Something I get that peeing sensation and I take a break to use the bathroom just in case. But I still have the aneros in when I do.

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