Is this a me thing or is it just a coincidence?

I jerked off and ejaculate via penile orgasm couple hours (12 hours ish) before my aneros sessions and my sessions turn out to be good.

Some people here say to let the prostate fluid build up for an aneros session

Just weird that I find ejaculating and emptying out the fluid helps me to concentrate more on prostate orgasm (if i go on nofap for a period of time Im more tempted to penile orgasm instead)

Just curious if some of you feel the same way?



  1. Don’t worry about others do : if this is the way it works better for you, go on with it!
    You must think than everyone has a different anatomy and some produce more liquid, other less..

  2. I’ve written an answer for that phenomenon a while ago but i can’t find it, because it was embedded into another post. But I’ll try to recreate it.

    To me there is two different approaches to prostate play. One i call LUST, the other i call LOVE. Lust is very volatile and might work for some people, it absolutely does not for me. When i lust, i become very involved into the entire process, trying to manipulate it, chasing the super-o/prostate orgasm. Lust has a lot of tension attached to it. I think instead of feel.
    I can still enter super-o territory and have amazing orgasms but it takes a long time, and it almost feels like that during the Lust-based session i have to go through everything i already know and learned to fully embrace the experience. Where love let’s me almost instantly get going, lust takes a whole long time to relax and let go.

    Love is the opposite end of that spectrum, it’s very stable and grounded. When i “make love to myself”, i am not at all involved in the process, i as in the active mind, my persona, my ego; use whatever term you prefer. I don’t “want” something out of the experience, i am fully letting go of egoic needs and am fully in the moment as an observer of pleasure. When i am in this “mode” i reach prostate orgasm territory in a few strokes, as it has a very relaxed state of being to it. I feel instead of thinking.

    To round up the two concepts:

    Lust is very active and ego-centered

    Love is very passive and trance-like

    I hope that makes any sense

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