No sensation?

I’ve tried other prostate toys to no avail, but I thought this would be different. I’ve tried things and I don’t know that I’ve ever found my prostate. Things say it’s this little spot that’s really sensitive and you’ll know when you’ve found it, but I’m beginning to think I don’t have one.. I’ve been trying my aneros helix trident like they’ve said and noting. Anyone else have this problem?



  1. Many people have this problem. It is a learning process. For some it will take less than 10 2-hour sessions and for others it will take hundreds of sessions.
    You need to read as much as possible and practice as much as possible.
    And one day it will happen.

  2. I find that most plugs as well as my aneros vice don’t hit the spot. I am 6’2 and the only toy that has worked is the njoy wand. Between length and adjustable pressure I have had mind blowing sessions that can not be recreated with any of my other toys. Expensive but well worth the investment!

  3. If you haven’t tried already, be sure you are really good and aroused before locating for prostate. It’s not a magic button that gives instant pleasure. However, when you are aroused, it swells with fluid making it easier to find and more pleasurable.

    I honestly edge a few times before each session.

  4. I have been after it for almost a decade…..hasn’t happened yet. I have advanced but never a super or even a dry.

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