Self massage?

So. I have done prostate play for almost a year. I have three aneros toys and have tried the lelo Loki and Hugo. I’ve also listened to along w the aneros. Done the aless muscle clenching exercises and all. So far, nada. So, I was thinking that I really need to try finding my prostate with my finger to recognize how it feels and the massage it myself without a toy to learn how it feels and the signals. Has anyone been through this journey before? Any recommendations on what’s the best position to do this since you really have to contort your arm and hand to just to get your middle index finger in. Any help would be appreciated!!!



  1. Don’t try and do anything with the aneros in.

    Put it in, lay down and just relax and think about every small sensation you feel. Don’t make your own contractions they will come. The do nothing method is far superior.

  2. I can also second the other comments that abstaining for some time leads to heightened sensation in my prostate, and that the do nothing method has worked way better for me (once you are aroused) than actively contracting. Just relax with the toy in and be receptive to any sensations, in time they will grow

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