Where do i go from here?

So now I can pretty much get to the anus/pc muscle fluttery sensation with a tingly pleasure around my penis/prostate area anytime i want to.

Where do I go from here?

Holding it in the pleasurable fluttery sensation for a longer period of time


increasing intensity/duration of each contraction so it “builds up”?

Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/aneros/comments/otbeto/where_do_i_go_from_here/


  1. You seem to ask a lot of questions but that’s fine, i was similar when i discovered aneros. Really the best answer i can give you is to do what brings you pleasure, there is no secret recipe that works for everyone.

  2. Try holding it, see how that works for you.

    Does the feeling get stronger? If not, try increasing intensity.

    Ultimately, you want more sensation with less work. You want to try to increase your sensitivity if you can, but do what feels good, and don’t be afraid to experiment.

    You can’t go wrong, just enjoy the sensations and let them wash over you. If you spend too much energy thinking about it you’ll miss the point. The feelings are the goal, experience them in the moment. Concentrate on them. Feel them deeply but don’t examine them, just relax, breathe, and enjoy. This is the way to move forward.

    (So I hear, I’ve never had a super o.)

  3. That one time I inserted the massager and tried to relax and forget about it by watching random YouTube videos, and sometime later I also got to the point where a tingling pleasure coming from my prostate and the more I manually move the massager up against my prostate, the nicer it gets.

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